Live Around Orange? You Know This Truck!

If you live around the Old Town Orange Area, there is little chance you have not seen our buddy Paul, driving around town. We had the pleasure of his visit this weekend and where lucky enough to take a little of his time to show off his truck, and pose it with our own shop truck. Paul’s truck, I should mention for all of you that don’t know is a daily driver. The truck is fitted with a small block Chevy, a Th350 trans and a Polished Jag IRS rear end. Other improvements include a unisteer system, Lokar Shifter and a Limeworks Hood strap kit that really sets off this great little truck. He has been seen wondering around town with everything from a Christmas tree in the back to City Council ads. In my opinion I can’t think of Orange without thinking of that cute little green truck zipping through the Orange Circle.



Steve Carpenter

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