Insane Meat Slicer Turbo Visor from back in the day!

As a kid, I used to think that this was nuts even then and now, well how frigging crazy is this invention to see, I cannot imaging the distraction from the noise of this circular Buzz saw that screams around at the speed of sound to “Fling” off any H2O that maybe sitting on the visor.

So Today I thought that I would show some of these Crazy inventions and make you smile today, but- in all the many decades of riding I have done back home and all over Europe, I have never encountered one of these.

Were there ever any injury’s from this contraption at all I wonder?

Even the infamous Formula 1 race car driver Graham Hill tried this insane idea out.


So I wonder what happened to these things, as these were very antiquated inventions.

So I did a little research and bloody hell, they still frigging make them.

Some use them for Go karting and racing, how mad is that?

So . Pardon the Pun-it has actually come full circle?


So keep your eyes out for one of these, but I bet you hear it coming before you see it, it is sure to sound like an old Bi-Plane losing power.

So, what is there now that maybe knocks this into a cocked hat?

How about this then?

Now there cannot be anything more embarrassing than this contraption.


So, stick this on your Christmas list.



Steve Carpenter

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