Ton up boys

Well, every now and again I will post some articles or some video of the Rockers etc back from where i was born in London as people ask me about the History of the Ton Up Cafe Racers. So here are a few videos for you to tide you over the weekend. Have fun on […]


Jacks Hill Cafe Ton Up Day

Well today, I thought I would add a video of Jacks Hill Cafe Ton Up Day, always a good turn out there in rain or snow. Located in Towester in Northamptonshire, this place has always been a Regular stop for Motorcycles and Trucks, known to us in the UK as a real “Transport cafe” Jacks […]


Cool Rockers Videos

Well, MONDAY already- So to ease the day in, I thought I would add some video’s that I watched over the Sunday, this really is just a amalgamation of videos from people and it shows some very cool early 1960’s Videos of Rockers on their bike at places like Box hill etc and banging the […]