Happy Monday, Here’s some cool Video’s

Wow- Monday already and I guess it was a hard start for you lot today as it was for me too, and I think today I shall continue with a few more videos to try and help your workday fly by, or at least give you something different to look at on your lunch break etc.

road safety6

Below is a video from back in the day about road safety, always fun to watch as our machines have changed a lot , as well as the traffic speeds too.

road safety5

It is from Los Angeles in the 1960’s and boy, to see no traffic in the towns is weird these days, it also makes me laugh when the public service film and the AMA both tell you to. “Dress Neatly” as they want you to give a good impression to your neighbors. ha ha ha


And how about this, some rare footage called “Rode Safely” This was filmed back in 1955 in Liverpool, and its some cool footage to watch on a Monday and shows how things were so much different back then, compared to today’s traffic and Laws etc.

I had to laugh at the “staged crashes” and the Old style of hand signals that have changed in the highway Code back home. This is as funny as hell to watch and I am certain that these 13 minutes will have you cracking up.

Onto part 2 now of “Rode Safely”

16 minutes of awesome footage, and for me this was thoroughly entertaining, showing me what Back home like in 1955, when there was only half a million Motorcycles being ridden on the British roads.

road safety3

Be safe out there but you don’t have to dress neatly OK? LOL.

road safety4




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