More old Videos for Sunday!

Happy Sunday- Well as I will be busy with my Girlfriend Jennifer today, I thought I would add some more Video’s for you lot to have a look at as you enjoy your weekend too.


Here is a great little movie set in the Land of Oz, where the rocker scene was very strong like back home in England.
Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1959. Directed by Ralph Peterson.

Road safety for motor cyclists, dramatically showing good and bad practice. A motorcycle gang get a lesson from a professional racer on the right way to ride on the road and what type of skills are needed for the track.

On to Some british filming back in the day too as this shows you a little about the lifestyle of the Rocker and jukebox racing.


A woman puts a coin in a juke box, signalling the start of a motorcycle race. CU shows record spinning. Various shots show motorcycle riders in leather jackets speeding through streets in and around Leicester, England. At an intersection a biker and a truck collide. Footage shows the lifeless body of the biker in the road. CU shows a trickle of blood on his face.

This material can be licensed from Budget Films

OK over to the Unites States now and back in 1970 there was a Road safety effort for Motorcyclists everywhere.




Steve Carpenter

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