Memorial Day, I am at home and in the Barn

I often spend a wee bit of time on my own up in the Barn at the back of our place, thinking about what to make next etc., this time I thought that I should do something about all the Hoops I have bent up for the Honda’s, over one hundred of them, and as you know, they take up a lot of space.

So, whilst sat having a cuppa tea, I was going through some old snot boxes and came across 4 old used Connecting rods from a CB750 I stripped years ago, then and there I thought that these would be great to repurpose and make some Rail Hangers that I can affix to the wall and then store my chassis Hoops in a more uniform manner.

A quick look in my storage and had some spare 7/8 tubing that I use to make my handlebars, so I removed two lengths of that cold rolled steel, a few welds for a nut to be inserted into the tube and there you go, all ready to bolt through the Connecting rods, as I bolted them to the Metal upright posts in the Barn.

Nice and easy to get to when I need some for a build I am working for or pulling some out for Customers orders, neatly stacked and boy do have have more room rather than a pile up in a box.

Just thought that I would share today as many people are off work like me and relaxing at home, I am super stoked to have made this and its so functional as well as recycling old parts that are no longer any good to use, I am glad that I went ahead and made this and maybe give you lot a few ideas to tidy up your Barn, Shed, Garage or Workspace?





Steve Carpenter

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