The TT is now here, hope to try and catch some on Tv over the next few days


2022 Isle of Man TT began on Sunday May 29 and ends on Friday June 10. mow, there will be many close calls and unfortunately sometimes riders who have crashes at such fast speed either end up in Hospital and sometimes the Morgue, that’s why this is one of the worlds most grueling Motorcycles Races and has been for over 100 years.

The rider is OK and was released from hospital custody according to his family yesterday. Great job by the corner workers and marshals!

I cannot tell you how exciting watching this race is, some of the speeds that the riders come by you are almost subsonic to your eyes, the sound, the smell the crowd, the atmosphere is only really understandable if you have been there, but here are just some highlights for you that like me, love the Tourist Trophy Races.

I will try and add videos and when I see them, to keep you updated as to how the TT is going, the weather looks better this year for sure but, even in one part of the island it is sunny, it can easily be raining a few miles further around the circuit.

Enough of my banter and onto what’s going on across the pond and all I can say is turn the sound up on some of these videos.



Steve Carpenter

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