My Belstaff RoadMaster II Jacket for sale on Ebay right now





1 day 5 hours (Dec 30, 2013 17:41:41 PST)
Well Here is something that you really don’t see that often and when you do, they go for a lot of money to collectors etc.


Above is the link that I have for my Original Belstaff Jacket that I have had over 20 years and used to wear in the City of London when delivering to places on my Dispatch bike.



This kept me warm and toasty in the winter months, and I assure you, this is a really good warm jacket that you will be glad that you own.



I now live in Southern California, so never need to wear it in the lovely sunny weather that we are blessed to receive.



So, I thought I would bung it on Ebay and someone else can get miles of smiles out of this wax proofed Belstaff jacket that has so much style and charisma as well as doing a superb job to keep out the elements.



Belstaff is the BEST all weather jacket in the world-barr none.

This is the Roadmaster II and I love how warm it feels, all the pockets have brass snaps that seal everything up, with a strong zipper this will keep the wind and the rain out.





I did have a belt but cannot find it, if I do, I shall obviously put it in with the jacket, but other than that, this is a great buy and look on ebay right now, there are a couple on there the same but want $700 plus for them.

So- mine is a great deal.



Grab it whilst you can, this is great for the TON UP rider as Rockers wore these a lot too.



This is a medium size, it still fits me but I am now 185 pounds and even though it fits, I would boil like an egg in it if I rode it in the SoCal weather.


Thanks for looking, hope someone enjoys it as much as I did.  You can email me at or call or text at 714-598-8392





Steve Carpenter