Pendine Sands Hot Rod Beach Time Trials 2015

I Many of you know me as the Cafe Racer guy, but- I am also a crazy Hot Rodder and have owned a 31 5 window A Bone, I had a 1932 3 Window Coupe and when I moved here to the States in 2000 I built a 1929 Model A on B rails.


But fast Forward to 2015 and they have the Time trials at Pendine Sands in Wales and boy what a turn out, over 100 Hot Rods and such warmth and Camaraderie, it will be hard to beat that anywhere around the globe, so below is just a sample of what went on via peoples photos.



I love the Traditional old style Hot Rod and hope to have another again soon.



But, Pendine sands back in the UK is a great piece of historical History that not many people know about.


carpy truck5


So Below is a bunch of photos from people that made the 2015 Pendine Sands meet and boy are there some corkers there, you can feel the friendly atmosphere and sure wished I could of attended.




All shot on Canon 6D bodies and wide open Sigma 24mm and 50mm F1.4 Art Series and Canon 135mm F2 L lenses.

Post processing in Lightroom with VCSO filters.

— with Shaun Veness.


Pendine 2015 aa59

I cannot tell you how cool this is to see, I am 5000 miles away and this is such a great sight to set my mince pies on, look at all them cool rides.




Pendine 2016 aa58

Check out Harley Peters and his 4 Banger Roadster, built from scratch in 18 months and driven all the way there and back for the first time.


Pendine 2015 aa55

Just look at the great shots here, you cannot put a Date here as it is so Nostalgic, I love these photos as it really captures the era and the fun.



Pendine 2015 aa54

Just look at the beach dead flat and the view of all them Hot Rods is breath taking, someday I shall get home again to see this for myself.

Pendine 2015 aa52

Cruising along and listening to the V8’s, Flatties and 4 bangers must of been something to behold this weekend as you look through your Hallock windshield.

Pendine 2015 aa51

Be it a Convertible, A Speedster, a Roadster pick up or a 5 window Coupe, everyone was enjoying this great occasion.

Pendine 2015 aa50

How about this shot, A pick up, Tudor, 5 window coupe and Roadster, all henry’s finest on the sands.

Pendine 2015 aa49

Hot rods as far as the eye can see as they Blap along the Sands in formation, what a sight and what a sound I bet?

Pendine 2015 aa48

From Jalopy’s to Cal Customs, these machines were all enjoying their little bit of freedom together in one place.


Pendine 2015 aa47

Great Cloud formations shows it must of got a little windy at times and maybe some H2O but who would care as this was Hot Rod heaven.

Pendine 2015 aa46

below, this photo could of been taken right out of Hot Rod magazine back in the day, a Brilliant shot that’s for certain.


Pendine 2015 aa45


So many great rides and people here in Wales for this meet and boy were there some superb examples of the Hobby I still have such a passion for.


Pendine 2015 aa44

How cool is this shot Below, Looks Like a McCullough Blower set up with that awesome intake poking out of the Hoot, pure Hot Rodding.

Pendine 2015 aa43

Turtle Deck T Roadster sits on the beach I wonder what ed Iskendarian would think if he saw these photos, I will hopefully show these to him.

Pendine 2015 aa41

Gow Job- this is the old style that you never get to see very often and love the whole concept of this Roadster, Love the Hood sides.

Pendine 2015 aa40


I love this Right Hand drive Brit Roadster and the commercial lights, real Hot Rodding at its best, super job matey!

Pendine 2015 aa39

Cabriolet Looked wicked with old continental kit for front fenders, an old Hot Rod trick back in the day and Lakester style Headers too!

Pendine 2015 aa38

Dick Mann would be proud of this machine, altered gow job in all its glory.

pendine 2015 aa37

I love seeing Girls in Hot Rods and this is a great shot, angled windshield as this Small Block gets it down the beach in no time.

I love the Wish bones and the Exhaust existing through the 32 rails.


Pendine 2015 aa36

Having owned a belly Tank this was such a cool sight to see and where many drop tanks ended up after the war.


Pendine 2015 aa35

Flag start- just how it used to be, nice shot here.


Pendine 2015 aa34 Pendine 2015 aa33

Really great old style photo with this geezer in all the cool Nostalgic gear, a really cool shot this.

Pendine 2015 aa32


BRAAAAAAPPP!!!  I love this Three Window shot.


Pendine 2015 aa31

With hardly any vision in this chopped and channeled 5 Window this is how many Hot Rodders did it in the day.


Pendine 2015 AA30

Another Classic photo that could be in Hop Up or Hot Rod magazine, just a timeless shot.

Pendine 2015 aa29

Two of my mates below, 61 is Tim Sparks and behind is 74 Harley peters, they must of had a ball driving all the way here and back home too.

Pendine 2015 aa28 Pendine 2015 aa27

Going full tilt with no cops chasing you.


Pendine 2015 aa26

Love this 5 Window High Boy, doing what they did back in the day and, loving it I bet!

pendine 2015 aa25

Talk about getting right into it, such a great photo of this fella giving it the beans as he leans into the Roadster.

Pendine 2015 aa24

This should be titled “The element of Speed”

Pendine 2015 aa23

So nice to see a few steel Pick ups out there too, something for everyone, but- I love them all.


Pendine 2015 aa22

Look at this 5 window, what a great stance, sheer determination as he changed gear mid track.

Pendine 2015 aa21

Just so many good rides out here and enjoyment for anyone that was lucky enough to witness this Classic Occasion in Wales.

Pendine 2015 aa20



I am sure everybody who drove on the beach will never forget this day as I don’t think I will looking at these great photos.

Below my mate Martin gives his A-Bone a good ringing out, he has owned this car for many years and love seeing this photo.

Pendine 2015 aa18

Roadster Pick up looks great as it Bimbles down the Beach in search of a fast time.

Pendine 2015 aa17

Super shot of the Closed cab and flatty powered, stepping on the loud pedal.

Pendine 2015 17

My Buddy Tin Sparks in his Navy Blue Roadster giving it a bit of welly down the straight away. Ive known him 3 decades.

Pendine 2015 aa16

1930 A Bone 5 window looks cool on the power.

Pendine 2015 aa15

This looks fast even standing still, so many cool machines here.


Pendine 2015 aa14

I call this the Buckland Special, they turn out awesome machines if you ever need one to be built.

Pendine 2015 aa13

Lovely unchopped Three Window Blapping along, love the Louvres.

pendine 2015 aa12


I have spent a lot of time looking at these photos and love everything about it, what a great turn out too.


Pendine 2015 aa11

Ballsy move to take this Wickedly chopped 5 Window  Custom out for a blap along the sand!

Pendine 2015 aa10

Hot Rodding at its very roots is right here in the shot, such a Nostalgic Photo and stoked he got the picture, I really dig this.

Pendine 2015 aa9

Love the A-Bone, giving it hell and just like they did over on the dry lakes at El Mirage back in the day!  Brilliant A-V8 Roadster.

Pendine 2015 aa8

Just Spoilt for choice on all these shots, so glad he could capture the moment for those who couldn’t make the trip to Wales.

Pendine 2015 aa7

You have to love it all here at Pendine, and I know this event is only going to get bigger.


Pendine 2015 aa6

Super cool 5 Window A Bone on deuce Rails and nicely put together as well, the Rods all look really well built and I take my hat off to you all!

Pendine 2015 aa5

California Plated A-Bone looked great on the beach.

Pendine 2015 aa4


Gripping the Banjo Wheel as they get ready to flag start the time trial, and sure looks like fun to me.

pendine 2015 aa3



This photo is right out of 1948 and could be at El Mirage or Harper’s dry lake, what a fantastic photograph!



Pendine 2015 aa1


The tirtle deck T reminds of my mate “Sinus” from the Shifters and another awesome shot.

Pendine 2015 z



One of the Sidewinders club members looking happy as he sits on the infamous Time trials beach at Pendine Sands.

Pendine 2015 y

Feels like I am reading early Hot Rod magazine with these shots and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Pendine 2015 x

On the Pedal hard as the A-Bone goes for his Goal on the flats of Pendine beach!

Pendine 2015 w

Well how about this Roadster? Fully fendered and gunning for a good time!

Pendine 2015 v

Sitting low to be more stream lined and a Classic photo here.


Pendine 2015 u


So cool to have a flag girl and we shall do it here at El Mirage one of these days as i hope to build another roadster.

Pendine 2015



OK- Enough of me Blubbering on, just scroll down to see some super cool Photos and video’s, great event and hope to get there one day.


Pendine 2015 t Pendine 2015 r Pendine 2015 q Pendine 2015p Pendine 2015o Pendine 2015 n Pendine 2015 m

Below: Harley Peters in his 4 Banger that he built himself testament to the younger lot who are into the Lifestyle, great job Harley.

Pendine 2015 Harley pendine 2015l

The images are so Nostalgic and even though i was not there, it sure felt like i was, I am attaching all sorts of photos from other people that were there, that way you get to see everything about this Classic Event that one day i hope to visit and take to the beach and listen to the Flatheads roar!


pendine 2015k pendine 2015 beach pendine 2015 sarah pendine 2015j pendine 2015i pendine 2015 h pendine 2015 g pendine 2015f pendine 2015e pendine 2015d Pendine 2015c Pendine 2015B Pendine 2015a pendine2015tim pendine2015 pendinesands2aa2 pendinesands2aa pendinesands2abbc

Below – Harley Peters started his build 18 months ago with a Chassis and now is driving all over the place and made his maiden Voyage to Pendine.

Pendine Harley 2

here is Harley at Buckland where all the cool rides are now created back home in the UK.

Pendine harley aa1

Pendine Harley 6 Pendine harley 5 Pendine harley 3


Harley Peters and his hand built 4 Banger Roadster is really an superb Effort and ran like a top.

Pendine Harley aa2


Pendine julie evans pendine zz3 Pendine zz4 pendine zz5 Pendine zz6 Pendine zz7 Pendine zz8 Pendine zz15 Pendine zz14 Pendine zz13 Pendine zz12 Pendine zz11 Pendine zz10 Pendine zz9


Pendine zz16 Pendine zz17 Pendine zz18 Pendine zz19 pendine zz20 Pendine zz21 Pendine zz29 Pendine zz28 Pendine zz27 Pendine zz26 Pendine zz25 Pendine zz22 Pendine zz24 Pendine zzTIM FPendine zz30






Big Matt Bolt sits in his machine and enjoys the fruits of his labor at this great beach meet at Pendine Sands.




Johnny Best and Tim Sparks Chew the fat.






FINALLY- A great shot of my mate Harley Peters, he built this A- Bone 4 Banger himself in Eighteen months and this was its maiden Voyage.

And it ran like a proverbial Top- Great Job mate.


Pendine zz HARLEY

Here is a bit I borrowed from the VHRA




Here we have a Few Videos.

Below is some History and information you may like to know.


In the early 1900s the sands were used as a venue for car and motor cycle races. From 1922 the annual Welsh TT motor cycle event was held at Pendine Sands. The firm flat surface of the beach created a race track that was straighter and smoother than many major roads of the time. Motor Cycle magazine described the sands as “The finest natural speedway imaginable”.

In the 1920s it became clear that roads and race tracks were no longer adequate venues for attempts on the world land speed record. As record breaking speeds approached 150 mph (240 km/h), the requirements for acceleration to top speed before the measured mile and safe braking distance afterwards meant that a smooth, flat, straight surface of at least 5 miles (8.0 km) in length was needed. The first person to use Pendine Sands for a world land speed record attempt was Malcolm Campbell. On September 25, 1924 he set a world land speed record of 146.16 mph (235.22 km/h) on Pendine Sands in his Sunbeam 350HP car Blue Bird.

Four other record breaking runs were made on Pendine Sands between 1924 and 1927; two more by Campbell, and two by Welshman J. G. Parry-Thomas in his car Babs. The 150 mph (240 km/h) barrier was decisively broken, and Campbell raised the record to 174.22 mph (280.38 km/h) in February 1927 with his second Blue Bird.

On March 3, 1927 Parry-Thomas attempted to beat Campbell’s record. On his final run while travelling at about 170 mph (270 km/h) the exposed drive chain broke and partially decapitated him; Babs went out of control and rolled over. Parry-Thomas was the first driver to be killed during a world land speed record attempt. This was the final world land speed record attempt made at Pendine Sands.

Parry-Thomas’ car Babs was buried in the sand dunes near the village of Pendine. In 1969 Owen Wyn Owen, an engineering lecturer from Bangor Technical College, sought and received permission to excavate Babs. Over the next 15 years he restored the car, which is now housed in the Museum of Speed in Pendine village.

In 1933 Amy Johnson and her husband, Jim Mollison, took off from Pendine Sands in De Havilland DH.84 Dragon G-ACCV ‘Seafarer’ to fly non-stop to New York. Blown off course, they landed down-wind in the dark at Bridgeport, Connecticut after flying for 39 hours over a distance of 3,300 miles at an average speed of 85 mph, overshot, and were both seriously injured in the crash.

During the Second World War the Ministry of Defence acquired Pendine Sands and used it as a firing range. The beach is still owned by the Ministry of Defence; prominent signs warn of the dangers of unexploded munitions and public access is restricted. Monday to Friday part of the beach is closed off because of MOD operations.

In June 2000 Don Wales, grandson of Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell, set the United Kingdom electric land speed record at Pendine Sands in Bluebird Electric 2, achieving a speed of 137 mph (220 km/h).

Top Gear filmed a review as part of the fifth episode of their fourth season, and returned to film a second review for the first episode of the fifth season. Scrapheap Challenge used the beach as the venue for the challenge in Season 10, Episode 1, aired in 2008.

Today Pendine Sands is sometimes used as a stage in rally car events, although spectator access is limited for safety reasons. It is also a popular venue for kite buggying and homebuilt hovercraft.

Between 9 July 2004 and May 2010 all vehicles were banned from using Pendine due to safety concerns, however since May 2010 cars have again been allowed access.

Records Set at Pendine Sands

Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
September 25, 1924 Pendine Sands, Wales Sir Malcolm Campbell Great Britain 350hp Sunbeam Blue Bird
IC 146.15 mph (235.21 km/h) 146.16 mph (235.22 km/h)
July 21, 1925 Pendine Sands, Wales Sir Malcolm Campbell Great Britain 350hp Sunbeam Blue Bird
IC 150.86 mph (242.79 km/h) 150.76 mph (242.62 km/h) First person ever officially to go over, and set record in excess of 150 mph
April 27, 1926 Pendine Sands, Wales J. G. Parry-Thomas Great Britain Higham-Thomas Special Babs
45 degree V-12
IC 169.29 mph (272.45 km/h) 168.07 mph (270.48 km/h)
April 28, 1926 Pendine Sands, Wales J. G. Parry-Thomas Great Britain Higham-Thomas Special Babs
45 degree V-12
IC 171.01 mph (273.60 km/h) 170.62 mph (274.59 km/h)
February 4, 1927 Pendine Sands, Wales Sir Malcolm Campbell Great Britain Campbell Napier Blue Bird
Napier W-12 Cylinder
IC 174.88 mph (281.44 km/h) 174.22 mph (280.38 km/h) Last record set in Europe



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