Drag Pipes sound byte for cb750 1969-1978 Chopper “El Diablo’s”

I thought that before I chrome this set, I would fire the old Chopper up and try and catch a video with my phone of how they sound, mind you the carbs had no gas in them at all, I attached my Auxiliary Fuel tank that I use to tune carbs and fired the bike up, it has not run in a while but she got going and at least you can hear these.  The the best audio equipment I know but at least gives you an idea of how these velvet tone Drag Pipes Bark.

I have Just taken One set to the Chrome shop, so hopefully by next week I will know how they look and the full price , Looking like $499 a set of Chrome pipes though.

Check my parts page as I will post pics when I get them back from the platers.



Steve Carpenter

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