Hey Gang !

Finally back up to speed, the transformer in our business area blew its guts out on Saturday morning at 7am, no phone, no internet and no power.


It was 7am on a Saturday morning, I had just completed dropping the kids off at the pool and was all set to get into the workshop and turn a few wrenches, as I have many things to catch up on.

Then, like God dropping a bible, the floor shook and there was a huge flash, like the paparazzi had found me and then, BOOM! A huge explosion that was louder than an Orange sweater.

The transformer not 50 yards from the shop just blew the hell up, it spewed smoke and electrical parts over the road and all the power shot off, this took a 1/2 mile block out and I didn’t get the power on until Sunday, but I didn’t get the Phones and internet on until this afternoon and boy did I have to work fast to get all these Customers orders out, as my Secratary is off to Cancun for a week, starting tomorrow.


So, about 5 minutes ago, we finally get everything back up and running, so if you were wondering why the phone line was just ringing and ringing, well it was because of this issue and now all is sorted out and am back up and running at full speed.

I even had to take a dump using my I-phone for light, now that was a task in itself, so no more of that now I am happy to say.

So, I am back online and taking orders and of course can now print the shipping labels to send your parts off too.

Peace and Grease






Steve Carpenter