Saw Blades, we all use them, check this out!

I am sure many of you use saw blades, we have a small electric self cutting machine and a band saw, this saw you see on the video is truly awesome and the size of the steel Piston it cuts in half is great to see, sure wish I could afford this set up.

The latest in the curiosity series, a massive 15 inch cast piston from a pump station located in Freeport Texas. The piston was rejected for quality issues as it was .06000 out of tolerance. So we wonderd what was inside this piston, so we thought, what the heck let’s just cut it in half”.This video is going to demonstrate cutting capabilities of our 701 series band saw blade. To give you insight to how the piston is made and how it is attached to the crankshaft.

Production quantities of cut tube and pipe can be produced economically with our 501 series band saw blades. The 501 Band saw blade is designed for cutting bundle solids, structurals and tubes. It can handle even the largest cross-section structurals while avoiding blade pinching during the cut, and its tooth design is conducive to nesting or stacking stock for simultaneous sawing of many pieces.

Check this out as they cut a Bowling Ball in half.

Our sales manager cuts a Bowling Ball in half in under 45 seconds, just to see whats inside. This is the first of our Curiosity Series Videos, where we will be cutting all sorts of objects in half to see whats inside.

How about a Range Rover V8 Block, wanna see that get cut in half?

We’re back! Thanks for your comments; glad to know you are enjoying the Curiosity Series videos, brought to you by the good people at Last month we asked all of you in Social Media Land what you would like to see us SAW in half. We had several interesting suggestions, one of them being a car engine block.
So… it is with pleasure that we present to you A Land Rover / Range Rover Discovery engine block! This is a unique opportunity to see our National Sales Manager cut this engine block in half. Here she demonstrates the capacity and accuracy of our Trajan 510 Bandsaw and our 601 series M42 Bandsaw blades, while showing you the inner workings of a Range Rover engine.

Let us know what you think of the video and give us some more suggestions on what you would like to see us cut in half! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at to be notified on new videos as we post.



Steve Carpenter