The Bike Shed Show 2018

The Bike Shed started back in November in 2011, really as a blog about Anthony “Dutch” Van Somerens Journey as a modern Sports bike Rider into the newer wave of Motorcycles and the scene such as “Cafe Racer, Brat, Tracker etc and wrote about New Bikes and builders new on the scene to show what is getting so very popular these days and of course, creating an interest into building your own machines or getting the Bike Shed to create one for you.

The Blog attracted a Crew of mates and of course contributors who shared the same passion for these 2 wheeled manifestations. Such as  Tim & Kev from the Spirirt of the Seventies. Adam from United Motorcycles, and art Director Barry, from Two Wheels only and Deluxe Motorcycles.

First bike show was a little later in 2013 and from then on it has grown and grown and here is a video of todays show.

Always great to have a look at and seeing as I am a brit, you can see that us Europeans live and breathe this stuff, what surprises me is that there is always a number of bikes that blow you away, I mean, you think that there is nothing left to do custom wise any more, but bugger, you always get gobsmacked by something every-time.

So sit back today as its Tuesday, put ya feet up when you get a break at work and watch this on your PC or phone, plenty of snippets of cool Motorcycles that I know you will dig as much as I did.
Need boots or Gloves? Check these out.

Few more little vids for you to watch to make your day go by a little easier.

Different videos from different people, that way, you get to see different creations and views, hope you enjoy?



Steve Carpenter

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