59 Club O.C. takes a Ride out to Palas Verdes July 9th.

Well, July came in fast and Hot, so hot infact I wasn’t too sure if I should jump on the Trumpy but once I slung on My leather jeans and boots, I knew I was committed to doing this ride and to be honest, even though it was crazy Hot here in La Mirada, we were riding to the coast and will at least get some Sea Breeze to help us cool down.

I really enjoy going out and riding with a bunch of friends and today was no exception.

So, we pulled the Triumphs out, I fueled up early in the Morning, Jenn went off and got hers whilst I lubed my chain, checked tire pressure and did a visual inspection on my Thruxton, as everybody should really do when they are going on a ride. Once that was completed, we waited for Tim Albright who is a mate of ours, and is a 59 Club member as well as living just up the road from us, soon as he pulled up, we got ready to make the trip to the Meet up, of which that was a few miles up the road at a Burger joint.


Plenty of people turned up for this July ride and was great to see some Newbies that had seen our posting for a ride and have them come hang out and see what the 59 Club is all about.


Fellow Brit Brendan Cowman turned up on his Thruxton Ace, he is originally from Birmingham and an Aston Villa fan, I cant hold that against him though. LOL.


We all made sure we had fuel and discussed quickly the route that we would be taking, going to Palas Verdes will be a nice change and, even though it was hot as hell right now, I knew the sea air would be a lot cooler as we got closer to the beaches etc.


Jennifer lead for a bit and I was super stoked to see her take the lead, its fun to see everyone having fun, we had fun right out of the Bat as Amanda forgot her license, so whilst she went and got that, we got ready and then left a few minutes later and turned up outside her house, such a blast as I am sure the neighbors must of wondered what the hell was going on as 16 riders pull up on Triumphs and Moto Guzzi and stop outside Amanda’s house.

Soon as we did that we took a couple of pics and made our way to the cooler part of SoCal, even if it was only a couple of degree’s, it would make all the difference., the ride was pretty hot to start of with but the closer to the Sea you got, the better the air was becoming, something I think we all needed with this crazy weather pattern we have now.

The ride was fun as we took side streets and only got separated for a few seconds as having 16 riders can take the road up and the traffic lights caught us out, but being an organised club, soon as they notice missing riders, the main group pull over to wait for us. It worked out really well and enjoyed the ride through the back streets, although long beach was an eye opener but fun none the less.


We rode up past terminal island and into Palos Verdes, the smooth winding Coastal roads were a nice change, although we did have a huge Van going slow for a few miles, but laughing at the people playing Gold at Trumps place made it worth while.

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We stopped off in this parking lot opposite the sea and found a really cool Pub that was tucked in the corner of a bunch of Nail salons etc, called OFlahertys Tap House and boy was it a fun little Bar, the Barman was a great laugh and made us all what we wanted, we stayed there at least 90 minutes, soaking up a few suds and having some food, looking at old Platinum albums and cassette tapes in frames and vintage guitars, it suited the barman who was with out a shadow of a doubt an old school headbanger.

Although Steve Fellon Below looked like he had one too many! LOL!


It made for a superb stop to be honest and gave us some time to cool down and have a chine wag with everyone, and after a couple of Lager Shandys, I was ready to get back on the Tarmac once more and have a fun ride back.


There were 16 Riders and it was a good turn out, everyone was great, no issues and no break downs, and as we went up through the twisties I took a video or two just to keep and show later on.



A fun day out and more to come as we head on into the riding year with many great places to visit.

We always have fun, no pressure, no attitude, just a great time with all.


If you want to come and ride with us sometime, always check out our schedule at:


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or email at:

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Thanks again for reading my Blog today.



Steve Carpenter

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