Well, going to Norwalk Blvd and stopping outside the famous Open Eyes, has always been a cool thrill for me, so much Hot Rod History in that little Yellow building and here we are again for the huge show that generates so much excitement and popularity, that I hope one day Shige can buy next door and make this an even bigger event.

I have been attending these shows since I moved here from other shores back in 2000 and to go to this show is a superb social event for me, some people I have not seen in years but also some people I have seen the day before, this is a fun family atmosphere with Genuine interest in our “Hobby”- ” Lifestyle”

The sun seemed to be up early today and as I kicked the Royal Enfield into Life, I could feel the beads of sweat running down my face like I was about to be shot out of a Circus cannon into an awaiting Net, that was made of wet paper .  But the Royal Enfield jumped into life, ticking over like a well oiled sewing machine, I clunked the gear shufter into first and it ubruply Grinded into the gear and then it was go time, Revs up, Clutch out, arse down, elbows up and I am now off to Norwalk , with Blues skies and a full gas tank, life seemed to smile at me, as to say. ” Go on son, have a brilliant day.


Well, as I took the back streets, it took maybe 10 minutes for me to pull into Norwalk Blvd, and slowly but surely I could see Hot Rods, Customs and every kind of style of machine on either side of the road, as I pulled up to Mooneyes, I was ushered into the driveway, where upon I was blasted by the sounds of the 50’s, some fella playing a stack of platters and I was digging the vibe Daddy’O!


I took my Brain Box off and was Greeted right away By the Manager, Chico, such a genuine bloke that I have known for over 17 years now, he welcomed me and thanked me for attending, how nice is that? Don’t hear that much these days and it goes a long way in my book. ” What book is that I hear you ask?”  The book of Pleasantries!


Man! Was it hot, not even 10:15 it was Hotter than the inside of a Pizza oven on a Saturday evening.  But I was here and there were a ton of like minded souls there, soaking up the Sun, the Sounds and all the cool vendors and machines that adorned this infamous place for a Custom Couture that I dearly love.


I left my Brain Bucket sat on my bike, another cool thing with Mooneyes is its a safe place and I love that trust ethic at a show, very rare indeed.


The next person to take time out of their day was the owner of Mooneyes and a super friend of mine.


SHIGE SUGANUMA:  What a fantastic Bloke, flys over from Japan to meet all his Customers and genuinely take time to see how you are and ask about how things in the business and life is going, a rare find these days.

With more and more people pouring in, I wanted to get around and try and take a few snaps with my phone, not an easy task as so many people darting about but, I wanted to try and share with you lot what I did today, as many like my Blogs etc.

I walked along to the Vendors and wanted to say hello to my mate Keith Weesner, such a superb artist, always has time to say hello and another bloke I have known over 17 years now and as crazy as I into Hot Rods and Art, maybe even more so.


So many rides parked all over the place, it was fun walking around, talking to people and checking the latest machines out.

moon 1

I bumped into my mate Big Dan from the Dynotones, these guys are the best 60’s Surf, Instrumental band anywhere, they rock it 24/7, try and ctah them at one of their gigs.

I saw so many rides there today, everything from Nostalgic Hot Rods, to Metal-flake Kustoms, it was great to see other rides that I have never laid my eyes upon and everybody seemed to be having fun.


If you are ever in Sunny So Cal, check Mooneyes out, they have all you need for your ride and what a historic trip down memory Lane you will have.


As the day got hotter, it was time for me to do another quick walk about and say high to friends and cross the road to see vehicles that hugged the kerbside and boy was there some neat rides there.


So, here is to the next event, this show is on until about 3-4 pm so go check it out, so easy to get to off the 5 freeway for Cars and Bikes, this has it all.

Check out the workshop too.

Hope to bump into you at this event next year, have a great weekend all of you.





Steve Carpenter

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