Wednesday already, time does fly when you are your own Boss!

Another day at the shop and time does indeed fly, so I will try and take some photos of whats going on and share it with you on a blog as many people email me to say that they follow our day t day rant and am glad some of you dig it.

How long have I been into these machines?  well I guess as long as kids back home used to try and smoke a fag!   oops – Cigarette to you lot’


I am going to be fitting my New 4 into 2 exhaust system on my alloy bike and then take a few shots and video of that machine, that way you can see and hear the tone of these megaphones, but will be a few weeks as yet but stay tuned on that.




I hope you enjoy what we do here and I hope to try and Blog a little more once I get the shop t how I want it, since the move it has slowly taken shape but time and money both prevail, but I have some cool idea’s in the making so stick with us as we want to be your one stop shop.






Steve Carpenter