Always stuff to do at the shop.

OK- here we are on a Monday afternoon and I have been quite busy with a number of things that are daily operations, but you lot like to keep a tab on me and what we do here and thought I would try and add some of it.

A great Customer picked his bike up and was stoked with it, always nice to make somebody happy, especially as their bike had broken down when he first bought it , and came to me for help.

So nice to see him ride off into the sun set.


On the weekend I also completed a service for a guy with his Early CB750 K model and he too was stoked to get the bike in a much better and reliable condition than it was earlier.

Although I did work very hard to get all the issues sorted out.


But I love what I do and the best thing is to watch their face when the bike fires and they get to ride it.

I also had to do my own stuff and there are plenty of projects I want to get out of the shop.  This was making a baffle for a customers silencer.


But I also had to strip a snotty old 78 apart and this thing was hanging.

There was so many things wrong with this bike as it had been sitting in the back garden for 7 years and then 15 years in the desert.

I couldn’t believe seeing this lizard in the bike, just against the barrels and I guess this was his home for a while, the old Alligator lizards have a nasty bite that’s so hard to unclench their jaws if they nip you.

So I stayed clear and got Dakota my Young Fabricator, to bung his welding gloves on and rescue it.

He now lives in the bushes at the front of the shop where he has plenty to eat and drink to be honest and will be better off than where he was before.

But the bike now has to be stripped and it sure is a mess, with many things wrong with it.


So I then went onto working on a Gas tank, as I need to make some knee inserts in a tank I have here at the back of the shop.

I use an old F series frame and welded legs to it as my working table and its great for tanks, you can see how I do this with a Hammer.

Make sure you wear safety protectors as this gets noisy and also wear glasses paint chips will fly all over the place.

Here is a quick video I made on my own that might help you understand a little bit easier.



Steve Carpenter