Formula 1 Livery CB750 SS Honda Project

Well, I have been playing about with the F1 project and have decided to fit the good old Rocket 4 seat assembly and then upholster the seat with traditional style snaps, just to show the times of yesteryear and the old school seat set ups of the day.

I am happy with the way it looks and it feels super your legs do not foul the air induction side scoops of which I really like now and want to try and represent some of the Ferrari’s styling, I still need to get all the body work wrapped but locating a company that knows what I am on about is not easy, my guy I use has flaked so its off to find someone who wants my money.

I will be looking forward to firing this old girl up and taking her for a spin about where I live as it was made for Motorcycles as we have miles of winding roads with off cambered corners and chicanes etc, this will be a blast to ride.

I went with a 17 LED stop tail light to give people lots of warning that this machine is there and again, give an old look with modern internals and this really does suit the bike, I still have to fashion a license plate bracket under it but thats later on.

Starting to look like a Classic Motorbike again and got plenty of hand waves and beeps from people driving by over the weekend, so that’s something positive eh?

I’m getting closer each time I do something and I believe the only hang up will be down to the graphic company, if I can’t find one that can do the job them I will have to paint it and letter it by hand and thats a time consuming job but we shall see.

Just thought I would do a little blog to let you know what I have been doing lately and hope you are enjoying the build????



Steve Carpenter

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