Scuderia Ferrari F1 styled CB750 Creation

I have been a fan of F1 Formula race cars since I was a teenager, regularly watching the races on our 3 channel television, I loved watching these guys in the JPS Renault Lotus and my First Motorcycle that adorned the Motorcycle world was based on Emerson Fittipaldi’s Black and Gold F1.

Now, over half a Century later, not only did I create a fun Cafe bike representing the JPS styling, I am now going to create another F1 livery Motorcycle for my Brother, but this time in the Ferrari F1 colors.  This will not be a replica of that machine but will have the accents of the Italian Stallion beast that runs the circuits today.

I still have a long way to go but as long as I get the look, I shall be more than happy, this has lots of work to be done still like seat set up and some accessories as well as the color scheme but this time I shall not be painting the bodywork as ferrari and all F1 race cars are wrapped, so this will get a new skin and hope I can pull that look off?

I am incorporating Airduct’s into the side covers and will make a custom seat and this time will have removable Pannier bags that hang onto the outside of the machine to give it a wider look from the rear.

The other thing is i like to mix old with New, so I shall have a Satellite GPS speedometer with a digital Tach built inside, set inside an old Vintage Race Car Alloy Cup that was attached to the steering column many years ago and had a Tach inside it.

I am making stuff up as I go along, some I shall keep and some I shall redesign most probably, but want this to be a cool ride that I will personally ride upo where I live as its a winding set of roads with many turns and off cambered switch backs.

This will have a new exhaust system as I hope to make in stainless and am using BSA silencers to give a little British feel and sound to the machine, that’s the cool thing with Custom machines, the sky is the limit and you can change to what ever you feel is to your personal liking.

As you can see, to keep with the Italian feel, I am using Tarozzi rear sets that came directly from Italy and will make this so much more comfortable to ride and change gear quickly.

Still a long way yo go right now but its taking shape and quite excited at the form that she is making right this minute and wanted to share with you guys and gals, I shall keep you updated on this creation and hopefully not too far away I shall be cranking gears in my area and grinning from ear to ear.  Stay tuned……………………..



Steve Carpenter

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