TT is such a great spectator race

I have always loved the Isle of Man, I remember in 1975 heading out to Ramsay as a wild teenager and couldn’t wait to see and hear the likes of Rocket Ron Haslam, Mick Grant and Mike the Bike head on off for a 37 mile lap of the infamous Island Road Race.

There are a few old videos about I wanted to share today to give you some insight as to what turned my Dial as a teenager and gave me my inspiration to always been involved with Motorcycling.

I know many of you watch todays racing and are amazed at the speeds, when I was a teenager they were reaching around 140 Mph but if you have ridden any bike from the 1970’s, thats exhilarating indeed compared to todays modern technology.

So I thought I would add a few videos for you to watch today as its raining here and I was in the office.



Steve Carpenter

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