Unusual Motorcycles

Well, this time along the way I often stop and ponder to myself and think what I do is crazy, but some of these people must either be completely bonkers or on the verge of being Rocket scientists.

I am amazed at the amount of ingenious and far fetched mechanical marvels that pop up on the internet and in magazines.

Never a day goes past if I have not seen a cool or wild ride that just stops me in my tracks.


And I thought for a Blog today, I would drop a few pictures down on here for you to amuse yourselves.

So sit back and take a look at what is out and about in the globe and has been since the beginning of Motorcycles.

I am sure many more will appear as I go along, but I thought that some of you would get a kick out of some of these inventions.

Now I think by looking at these, I am indeed, quite sane.

And I think you lot will feel the same too and also make your day go along a little easier for sure.

I am sure that some of you may have already seen some of these motorcycles, but always worth a look at.

Some really unusual concepts that were bad back then and of course, still today.

So, let me know what you think of some of these as it is always cool to hear from you lot .

Here is one bike that was made last year, looks very advanced eh?

Well I think it was thought of, many many moons ago.

I love the New ‘Steam-punk” style that pops up quite a bit these days.




Steve Carpenter