Alloy Swing Arms for Thruxtons


I have been contemplating getting these manufactured for some time now, a couple of years ago I was speaking to a company that with my input, we should be able to manufacture these to the correct specifics and standards to allow the safe use of Aluminum material and of course as these are mechanical parts I want to make sure these are stress relived and comply to all the safety codes and standards that are required.


Also, these will be made from Billet, no sections and you wil be amazed at the strength as they have a unique system that will give you the rigidity you require.


They will be made from 7075 and an Aerospace company is going to help me with the R&D to make sure that all will be safe and of course have a Perfect fit with easy maintenance etc. The R&D will be done by a friend of mine that has made swing arms for over 50 years for TT bikes, Super bikes and Motocross, so a plethora of experience, these will be top quality, the best anywhere.

There are a few companies that make these but I want them to be affordable and also to be made right here in Anaheim California, so now the work begins, but- by the response that I have received, I believe that this will be a fun adventure and I am sure that you will like the finished piece and I will of course show case it on my machine and fit to a track bike to fully test the stress and load of the swing arm to make certain we have everything dialed in.

So stay tuned to this and of course My new website as we hope to offer many more cool parts for your British ride as well as the good old CB750 as I made them in steel before and were great.

Making affordable parts is the name of the game, I just don’t sell parts, I live this stuff, I have a passion for it, come and see me and I am more than happy to chat.

There are a few of these out there and room for my Brand too and as I have new Motorcycles and of course, now the President of the 59 Club in the O.C. – I want to make more and more parts for the Thruxton, as i ride mine a lot and have many more parts to make for it.


I have a Thruxton and have Triumphs at the shop with Royal Enfields too as well as my CB750 Honda’s, this is a fun time in the Motorcycle fraternity and I hope to continue to offer great parts at great prices. I have been doing this here in California for 15 years and continue to push the envelope for you lot.

Any input is gratefully received, help me and I help you, an easy philosophy!


I shall also be visiting Italy and some of Europe this year so some great opportunities are now becoming reality and want to share that with you, so stay tuned……………


Call me on 714-996-4597 or email me at and I will do my utmost to help you out.




Steve Carpenter

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