New Year already here but lots to do and enjoy what I do for a living

Well, it is 2019 and that sure came up fast, it is amazing how fast time flies by when you are having fun, I have been having fun at what I do for coming up for 19 years and still going strong today, having a strong work ethic is something that is instilled in my blood, all my family have worked hard all their lives and back in the UK you have to work as hard as you can as there is always someone there to fill your shoes.

So, as we now turn into 2019 I have a few ideas for bikes builds parts and other things that kind of turn my dial, I have always been into Motorcycles my whole life but also many other cool things like Hot Rods and Classic cars etc, many of you share the same interests too, be it WW2 fighter Aircraft, Pin up art, pinstripe work or then very cool 1940’s Chris Craft wooden built Speed Boats etc.

I want to thank YOU all for visiting my website over all these years, its great to have such a strong following, and I enjoy answering your emails and enquirers about the parts you need for your machines, or the troubles that you are actually having with them, a problem shared is a problem halved, and its so gratifying to receive an email from a Customer who was a little stuck with their project and my advise and parts got them back into the direction they were originally aiming for.


It’s hard wearing so many hats at times as I am sure you lot do to, I answer emails, phone calls, and people pop in from time to time with their machines for me to look at, I send out quotes, I pack and fill orders and send them to the post office too, as well as trying to keep up with the times with how our building scene is going.

It’s super strong now and growing stronger all the time, I am amazed at the transformation of how Motorcycles have emerged and the Custom scene I believe now is the strongest it has ever been. Right now I have been thinking of tearing my Vesco Brat bike apart and painting the frame and motor etc as its a great bike but not finished, I just put it together to see if it would run, it then turns out to run pretty good, so I may strip down to the frame a custom paint it, and all of a sudden I get a letter in the mail, Whamo! I am invited for the 2019 OG Moto Custom Motorcycle show as a builder, so now the Honda will get taken apart and made to look pretty darn cool.

I was really stoked to be asked by Jay La Rossa to be another Custom Builder, LA’s Premier Custom Motorcycle show for sure.

So the Old Vesco Bike will get a fresh coat of paint on the frame rims and a few other bits and pieces, as many people wanted to come and have a look at this simple but brutus looking Brat bike and I am looking forward to showing it in March on the 23rd in LA, Sure hope some of you can make it?

I have been doing this many years, to be honest, over 40 years now and still learning, I am amazed and shocked sometimes at what people have turned out and at best, just from their shed or garage, which goes to prove, you do not need to have a big factory type building to produced a unique and eye popping Motorcycle project that shows class, design, aspiration and of course ingenuity.

Many times I have stopped at shows and looked at a Motorcycle that just amazes me, I love seeing other designs and it is always a great pleasure to strike up a conversation with like minded folk and find out what makes them tick too, we are a funny bunch but we all stick together in a way.

Also, I am a strong believer in bringing on the younger builders, their creative flair is just overflowing and you can literally see their excitement and creativity flow in the project that they have up on their table.

This year I hope to visit a few shows and see how people are, what their twist is on the Custom Motorcycle building fraternity is and where is it going, I mean, the wheel was invented so long ago but it is still being manipulated with and transformed every single day somewhere in the world. March will be fun at thew OG show and love chatting to you all.

I have no idea where the bike building styling is going to go, I know that soon we shall see many new Alternative machines making a big impact, like ” Alternative Power ” I see that Harley Davidson has already started to get into the Electric Motor industry, something I am not a fan of but understand from an environmental situation, as long as the motorcycle doesn’t loose its generic shape and sound, I mean, a quiet motor, where is the fun in that?

Who knows where it is going and many more bring out great designs and some way out there, like in the far rejoins of Russia etc.

But what ever you are trying to build, just have fun, so many people get all fired up that someone is building this and someone is making that, just embrace it, we are all bike builders and there really is no need for the crazy shit that I have seen happen at some places, my passion is motorcycles and always will be, there are tons of brilliant builders out there and I enjoy meeting all of them.

I wish you ALL a very Happy New Year and if you need anything, I am always here, by phone 714-598-8392 by Email or you can even Text me if you need help. 714-598-8392






Steve Carpenter

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