Cafe Racer Customers come to shop.

Today at the store front, I had a few Cafe Racer customers, stop by the shop to pick up some new parts for their rides.


It is always good to see bikes that are being built or have just been completed and I enjoy hearing of their creations and how they turned their own motorcycle into a cafe Racer.

Today I had 3 Customers turn up on their very on rides, this one was a 1978 that he picked up for a song, and is just starting to transform it into a Cafe Racer, he bought bars before from me and is now on his way to adding more parts as he goes along.

He will use one of my seat bases and maybe the well known 4 into 1 exhaust system I manufacture too, so good luck with your ride my friend, it looks like you are going to have miles of smiles.


Next up is a guy who purchased the Road Rocket from the original owner, this was a cafe that I built 7 or 8 years ago and is still going strong today.


A fun and super fast machine and I am always stoked to see the Original earlier Cafe Racers I built, still blasting down the tarmac and sounding awesome.

We often get TON UP riders in and to hear how things are going and just generally chat about bikes and whats going on in their garage is great to hear.

I look forward to meeting many of you and when I start bike night, maybe come out and chill?

A lot of this for me is always a great feeling as I get to see the machines that customers are building and, using my parts too.


Another bike came in today, poor guy has taken this machine to 4 shops and no luck with fixing the issue.

The bike had been knocked over by a car and the right side of the motor suffered damage.

The Bolt that goes into the crank and holder the counter balance was busted, so, I managed to remove it and fit another that I took from one of my engines,then set all the timing and cleaned it up best I could, I also jetted the carbs as they were well out, now runs like a top.


He will be a happy rider now as I also fitted a new battery and a new rear license plate assembly.




Steve Carpenter