Carburetor Rebuild Service

Offering a Complete Carburetor Rebuild service for ALL of the SOHC HONDA CB750K Models and what you get is a Jewel in the crown of carburetors.

Not cheap at $600 but take a look at the finished set up from the ones you send me and make your own mind up.

carpy alloy bike

Send me your snotty, grimy and oily carburetors, and I will take them all apart, replace any worn parts, clean and vapor blast the bodies, Zinc plate hardware and of course fit New Jets and set the air mixture etc.

carb 1

Then Fit to a Motor and synchronize to make sure these are right on the money for your machine, all I need to know is what exhaust set up you are running so I can set the jetting.



Also, all the Aluminum Float Bowls and Carb tops are Polished to a chrome finish, these Carbs will really stand out against many and I am sure you will be over the moon with the Quality.




Been doing this over 17 years and offer this service to anyone around the world, we ship Globally and I know that you will love the refurbished set up.

carb 3 carb 4


See Below, these are Messy and need totally going through.

inline rough

Below, now all cleaned, rebuilt and synchronized and ready to bolt on and go.

inline finished

If you are building your Honda this year but the Carbs are really letting it down, then send them to me and I will send them back ready to fit, just hook your Throttle Cables up once pushed into your intake Manifolds and you are ready to go.


See the Difference when these are completely taken apart and cleaned out, then put back together with new parts, you will love the way these look.



Take the No nonsense approach and get these to me ,and watch how your bike performs with these on rack of Four performing as they did from the Factory.

carb 9

You can see the Difference, some of the Carbs people have sent me have not been touched in over 3 decades and are covered in all sorts of Nastiness.

carb 10

Have a look at all the re-plated parts, the finish, the fit, the look and the cleanliness here, this isn’t just sprayed with a bottle of Carb cleaner.

carb 11

Most people spend all their time on the rest of the Motorcycle and forget about the Carbs, these are all set up right and the air mixture screw is set too, literally push carbs on Manifolds and you are set, your bike will love you for it too.

carb 14

Needles are set accordingly and parts are stripped and Plated for a show look and you can be sure of a head turning Rack of carbs, they will no longer resemble the ones that you sent in the mail to me.





carb 13

So treat yourself to a magnificent set of inline refurbished Carbs sending me yours, not cheap but, look how much work goes into getting them to this stage.

carb 12

I ship all over the Globe, so no worries with that, I also tick the Gift Box and low value for over sea’s Customers, so you dont get hammered with sill Duty charges.


DSC_0006 (2)

I also offer a Black version of these as well for all the Custom fans out there, the choice is yours.


Thanks for looking and I hope that I am of some Help to you.


OK, back into the Garage as I have many things to get on with on the good old SOHC Honda’s.

carbs2   714-598-8392  Call or Text for any help I can give you.






Steve Carpenter

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