El Frijolito The little Bean Cafe Racer

                                                                           EL FRIJOLITO CAFE RACER 1975 CB750 F SUPER SPORT








I was fortunate to get this motorcycle from the Original owner, its a good and bad thing as the poor guy did a lot of work to the machine back in the day, but unfortunatly, the drink got the better of him and some 30 years later he is still battling a drinking problem.


I named the bike ” The Little Bean ” as it was in a Deep part of Santa Ana of which is a predominately Latin area of California.


I changed her around a little bit by polishing the upper triple tree and making anew gauge face, as this bike was just something I could not take all apart, it ran well and boy is a cool ride, so I removed the stock tank and fitted my Glass S.S. Race tank, then removed the old tatty stock seat and fitted my Razor back model.




I replaced the old worn out headlight with one of my Tri-bar set ups and chromed the old gauge cups.




The New gas tank and I wanted to have some old style GOLD Racing strips on this machine and they needed to follow the tank and seat for that 70’s race look.



In the end I ended up changing a lot on this bike as I had Hershey Chocolate call me and the owner wanted it for his son, so I changed a few things and used some cool rims that I powder coated black gloss, then polished the hubs and used stainless spokes, fitted with the good Old Bridgestone tires and then I drilled the rear rotor with 140 holes and that was on the drill press.

Whilst I was there I removed the old caliper and took the black corroded paint off it and polished it to a chrome like finish and rebuilt the inside. And now stops on a dime.


Fitted new fender and polished the speedometer drive and fitted Stainless Allen head bolts through out this machine, as well as polishing the forks and adding my own polished fork brace to stiffen the front end up.










Alloy gas cap is a Monza style and new turn signals fitted to make sure people can see where you are going is a must around these parts.


 Polished the engine covers and then I drilled the sprocket carrier and polished for that Race track look, then fitted a new 530 Gold chain.


Drilled the front caliper and took the Original YOSHIMURA pipe off and ceramic coated it and put back on.


 Upholstered the razorback seat with Tuck n Roll and snaps round the side give this a timeless era.

 That Yoshi barks like a angry hound and hard to find series 2 versions these days. This is going to a good home as well as I doubt I will find another Original Yoshimura like this again and I wanted it to stay on the bike as its been on it for over 30 years.

 New rear shock and a full service and this is now ready to head to Hershey Pennsylvania and take the twisty lanes on the east side.





 I should of took more photos but to be honest, this was just going to be a small clean up but I got a little carried away, personally I like to take the motorcycle right down to the frame and begin again fresh- and then go through everything, but El Frijolito turned out pretty darned good and I hope that have fun up there in Chocolate County with her.












Steve Carpenter