I have heard from a few of you saying that they are having a hard time getting the electrical pliers they require to fit the terminals on their wires etc.



So now I have sourced mine from Japan and can now offer these to you, now they are not cheap and the are way different from your run of the mill strippers, as stock pliers will not be able to crimp the male and female B1 terminals we use.

I have used these for over 13 years and they work every time, this is a great tool and not only does it crimp, it cuts and strips as well.



Not much more to tell as this does what it is supposed to, and I must of wired Hundreds of motorcycle with this tool over the years and now available to you on my website.



I also sell the terminal kit on here and will also be selling the terminals separate over the next few days, so stay tuned on the part page for some great deals.

If your harness is as torn up as an old mattress, then grab a set of these and clean the ends up, like me, I have to shorten the electrical as i run Clubman bars and do not want a mass of spaghetti all jammed inside the headlight bucket, as that will cause all sorts of issues too and wires will pop loose.

This is a good solid item that will serve you well as it serves me every day, I always use these crimpers and you will be so glad you have these rather than struggle with stock ones that do not have the C-Cup recess to allow the correct crimp on your wire.




Steve Carpenter