The Festive Countdown begins, Perfect time to buy parts as Gifts

Boy the weather is changing here and its getting a little cold in the Mornings, but I still sling my leg over my steed and ride off to work, but I actually put bubblewrap inside my jacket to keep the cold air out of my chest, an old Motorcycle Courier trick in London that I still continue to do for some reason.

I have had many orders for Christmas gifts but I only have a few days for the post to get to you in time, so order fast, I am running to the post office everyday to get your parts out to you.

Thank you for your continues support in what I do, it really does mean a lot, also love to be able to help you get that 2 wheeled machine on the road faster.

If you need help with questions about parts etc, drop a dime at 714-598-8392 or text for a faster reply.

Thank you once again for your orders.


To get your evening away better here is an amazing clip of how Sprockets are made in India, no safety shoes, glasses, gloves or even guards on machines, Brave people.



Steve Carpenter

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