Finally I am ready to take the Vesco Honda to the OG show in LA

Been hard work getting this bike to the stage it s now in, but- All that hard work is well worth it as I am really happy with the look of the machine right now.

A lot of hard work and time has gone into this machine and I wasnt sure if I would makew the deadline of four weeks as we had 3 weeks of rain, but somehow I managed and I got it on solid ground for the first time last night, so stoked about it.

I will leave this at the OG show until Saturday evening but its a great show and look forward to seeing some of you there in LA.

Thanks for all the cool support and emails encouraging me to get it done, couldn’t of done it without your motivational words.

What a crazy month, but some how I managed to pull a few tricks out of the hat and get this ready for the OG show.



Steve Carpenter

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