GL500 1981 Silverwing Carb replacement

Busy day and trying to beat the rain storm that keeps on coming in then out etc, but I was prepared for it and got a lot done today, considering this is my first GL500, no books, service tips or much info about on these 22 degree road machines, but the CX is similar so at least a fighting chance at getting the carbs off and new ones put in place.

With the old manifolds removed, I cleaned the intake face area up with Carb cleaner, I made sure also that I dabbed a little grease on the O Ring that seats into the new Aluminum intake and then hand tightened the bolts to see how the angle was for the carb kit to fit to.

I am sure glad that I did take the extra time to clean up all the area that had grease and grime and these intakes fitted like a glove, but now the fun begins as there is not a lot of space inside the frame rails to work with and the carbs plus air filters are going to make it tight to do anything but here goes.

I got the intake manifolds all sorted out, apparently the CX500 is even tighter in the frame and apparently I was lucky I had some maneuvering room to get these carbs to fit.

The trick for me was to put a little grease onto the rubber manifold, to allow the carb to slide in easier and this sure did help as I did try it dry and I struggled, so I was stoked when these plopped into the manifolds.

The same with the Air Filters, pretty tight inside the chassis but with a few curse words, a dab of grease and they fitted up no problem and look pretty cool.

Both these girls are in and I will hook up the new battery, add fuel lines and connect to an auxiliary gas tank that I have on a stand, as the old tank has bad gas in it from sitting for years, but I have not hooked up the throttle cable because I want to try and run this as the carbs are pre set, so they will idle high for a bit until I take both chokes off, so will leave one choke on and see if she runs. I am sure there will be a ton of white smoke coming out of the exhausts as I poured some Marvel Mystery Oil down the bores to lube everything.  Sometimes Piston rings will stick and marvel is great for bores, but it will have white smoke as I also put some WD40 in the bores to and left it for a few days.  I do this with all motors, it cant hurt it and eventually will burn clear.



Steve Carpenter

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