Have a Great weekend everyone

Well, the end of the week is here and the weather is surprisingly cold here in Southern California, but this weekend I need to work on parts for the Vesco bike that i an trying to rebuild for a show in March in La for the OG Show, so I am flat out right now but enjoy the challenge.

Hope that you may time to wrench on your machine or even get lucky enough to take it out of the weather is not too bad, but- this time of year, many people are in their Shed, garage, Workshop, tinkering with their 2 wheeled machine and if you need help on parts or even advise, this is why I am here as we are all a big family.  I will also try hard to get you on the road as soon as possible.

I need to get another Master Cylinder for the Brat bike that I am creating and the one you see here on the Revolver Caff I built will be what I need, these work so well and are brand new, affordable and can run up to 2 Rotors too as it has a good size piston in the chamber.

I will be busy all weekend working on revamping parts and polishing parts and maybe some welding too, I get more done on the weekend than I do during the week, I think because I have so many emails and phone calls and texts to reply too and I do that all week.

Have a great weekend everyone, you can order 24-7 on my website and you can email, call or even text me still and I will reply, have fun and hope to see some of your creations soon.



Steve Carpenter

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