HELL ON WHEELS 2016 Glen Helen

Well, it’s that time of year and even though Dakota has not finished built his TT 500, Meatball was kind enough to loan Kota an old 250 Honda to bimble about for the Hell On Wheels Races that were held at Glen Helen on the Lucas truck race track.

The weather was ominous but no matter what, this event will go on, Rain or Shine.

We got there around 10am and people were already set up, we put the easy up together and unloaded the bike etc, and Kota got to do some practicing, and had fun as the bike was just a little 250 and would give him some good practice for when he gets into the Flat track season later on.

To be honest, the weather could not be better as we had a little light rain and that took care of the dust, as out here in the desert, it sure does get dusty, so it was great to have intermittent weather and everybody was thankful for that.  Taking off on jumps with a lose foot peg was hilarious for me to watch and Dakota was having fun.

After practice, Dakota got a late start, as the bloody foot peg fell off, so he was half a lap down at the start of the Race, but still managed to get onto the track and have fun on that 250 with no working front brake and leaking front forks.

The races were fun, the track was bumpy but not technical enough to be dangerous as to crash all the time.

He did well and managed to get a lot of experience on that track, on a bigger machine he would of really placed well for sure, but this was a fun event and the commeraderie is unsurpassed at any event that I have attended and loved all the different styles and era’s of machines that were there for people to get close to.

My old room mate Granter Peterson of now Born Free fame, has recently acquired this unreal 1929 Harley tank shifter and so original its stunning to see and hear.

I have known Grants for over 16 years and was so glad that he got into Motorcycles, I thought I was the only nutter in that town we lived in.

Plenty to see and do and to watch these old boners bang and shake their way around the track at speed was immense, and this is how the Pioneers did it back then, showing the owners of these prestigious two wheeled contraptions, how hard it was- and still is to run an machine over hard dirt.

I was in for a treat of Vintage Motorcycles and some wearing vintage style clothing just added that proverbial Cherry to the top of the cake.

You should try and make it out to these events as Meatball has run these types of events for a long time.

This is a event for every type of classic machine and so many different people and we all had a unique bond with motorcycles and the like, something that is missing from many events these days.

The track was perfect for racing and lots of room to pass and do your thing as you fight your way around this infamous race track.

There were plenty of Machines I liked and I was stoked to see an Elsinore to be amongst the machines for this race event.

I loved this Trumpy and boy did it sound smooth.

This Bultaco bought back awesome memories of me and my brothers era of Dirt bikes and riding when we were teenagers back in the UK.

Another sweet Trumpy that was fun to watch out on the track all day at Glen Helen. Be sure to spread to word and bring a bike to race for the next one.

Here he is having a go and made me very envious in a good way, so cool to see these ridden on the dirt.

People were doing their own wrenching, and helping out with others, a really cool atmosphere that was rare to see these days.

Another Triumph taking a corner as he enters the whoops and then the table top here at Hell on Wheels in Glen Helen.

How about the Girls then? They too were racing and I loved that, so much fun to watch and these Girls were into it too.

Classic shot of this Tall Girly on a Trumpy and having fun yet still being really competitive too.

We need more ladies doing this, so pass the word.

This girl was a blast on a Motorcycle and in Trumpy attire too!

I was so glad that I captured this shot, just so Nostalgic and goes back to the day of rigid rides and back ache!!!

How about this, Suzuki, Yamaha and Husky in the bend with this slick Hipster smoking like a Reefer.

Such a Classic start line and was glad to be part of it, the weather was bang on for this race.

Committed to the corner, this looked like a blast.

Three deep and such a fun wide turn and made for a cool shot of these Classics battling it out for the lead.

Grant Peterson Hauling more Arse than a truck load of Colostmy bags as he hits the corner on this Dirt track on his 29 Harley.

Great racing and all mates afterwards, we need more of this going on thats for sure.

Epic shot of the table top and these guys were on it for sure.

Airborne and having fun, sure looked like he was having a blast .

These bikes are super hard to find and to race them is even rarer, I loved watching all the Boner shaker Tank Shifter machines giving it all they had.

I love this shot, I took it just as he got to the top and am so glad I captured just a little of the intensity but fun they were having at the track.

Big Fella, Big Bike, bring your vintage bike out next time, you will love it.

Flying like a bird as he gets to enjoy the view of coming back down to earth with a shuddering Rattle.

This Bloke was having a blast, he fell off on the corner but was still smiling, right on mate.

Giving it all as he hits the corner and his mates not far behind him, and he knows it.


The chase is on and the determination shows too.

Great photo as they are pushing each other to their max with old Jacket, jeans. Boots and Helmet, love this stuff.

Grant, gritting his teeth as he fights his 1929 Bone Shaker around the track.

Taking his Harley to the limit as the final lap approaches here at Glen Helen.

Now on the the straight and hold on .!!!!

Determination with a capital D as he enters the final lap of this race.

Giving it all he has got as the Checkered flag is not too far away.


This is hard to get around on the bend.

It goes down but softly and people quick to get the fella back up and in the race once more.

Back up and ready to continue, all fun and games and the soft dirt made it a little more forgiving if you fell.

Hitting the corner and ready for the straight away, such a Classic Harley to watch as it speeds by me.

Head down and wind it all the way open, hoping to keep his lead as the guy behind is trying hard to catch up.

I took this shot for the last Race and it sure looks like they are all set for the flag start from the cool Girl in the Red Jump Suit.

Everything was fun and the Flag girl was into it for sure.

On the start line once more, fun to watch them Roar off at once, backfiring and smoke too.

I took this shot from the pits of the start from behind, looked great.

Even with Mud all over his Glasses, he gritted his teeth and had such a blast on the track.

Grant seemed to have a blast on that 1929 Harley, a very Rare machine none the less but- so good to see it used like it was many moons ago.

Grant is all focused as this is the last lap for him and a fun one at that, good job mate.

On the last bit of the straight just before the finish, the old 29 held up well and it was brilliant to watch that’s for certain.

Grant finishes and everything is still in one piece, not sure the rider is though!

What a blast it was to see these Vintage Motorcycles rip along this dirt track, I sure hope that they continue to hold these races and if so, please try and attend, you will love it.

It sure was entertaining watching these heavyweight machines tear it up.

The Bomber Class is a Must to see.

Was great watching the girls and hopefully more will follow.

Everybody enjoyed these machines and I thank you for all your effort getting them ready.

Could not of asked for better weather for this race Event.

Top quality Rain wear too!

Until the next time.

Make sure you pass the word on this great event.

All types of machines too.

This Husky sounded great.

Old XR Honda, I have had a few of them over the years.

Gimme Gimme!

Honda getting some air time too.

These Girls love to race, get your lady out on a bike, its a Blast, My Girlfriend rides and loves it.

Classic Racing Jersey.

Elsinore got a few laps in too.,

Dug all the vintage styling too.

Have fun in the dirt and get some practice in for the next one.



Steve Carpenter

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