Meet Honda’s 2016 Hubless Electric Concept Motorcycle

Well, who would of thought you would see a Honda like this, but to be honest, I really dig it.

Hubless-Electric Honda-Motorcycle

Hubless-Electric Honda-Motorcycle (Image Courtesy

Last week, Honda unveiled its retro-modern Honda hubless electric motorcycle.

According to Yanko Design, the new hubless CB160 (2016) motorcycle was designed by James Stumpf to “pay tribute to the classic Honda 160 in a not-so-subtle way… with a modern electric engine twist.”

Meet Honda's 2016 Hubless Electric Concept

The features of the retro design reflect modern standards with Electronic Twist Throttle, Electronic Twist Brakes, and Dual MagDrive Wheels. The CB160 has a top speed of 100 mph and a range of 160 miles.

Following are a couple of Honda’s previous hubless designs:

Hubless-Electric Honda Motorcycle

Hubless-Electric Honda Motorcycle (Image Courtesy

Hubless-Electric Honda-Three-Wheel

So, with Modern technology and a little of yesteryear sprinkled in, you may well see one of these whispering past you as you shop in Target on a Sunday.

Be fun to run around the business park here, or as a pit bike etc.

So keep your eyes out at the new Concept shows as something is bound to come out with a look similar to this.


Below is Harleys 2020 Concept, Looks like they have seen the Honda!



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