It’s so great to see that the Cafe Racer Scene and Rockers image still holds strong today, – and to see it carried so well in places like Hong Kong – is so enthralling for me as the Cafe Racer lifestyle is now well and truly world wide. For many years – people looked at me in my Rockers attire and just could not work out what I  and my Motorcycles were about, but now, – with the wonders of the Magazines and now- the internet, its so much easier to discover things and if interested in that culture, eventually evolve into it, adding your own twist.


Here is a great Video that explains some what the scene in Hong Kong and I hope to fly over there and meet some of these great people, I have some Brit mates that now live there too and even though we would be on Queens road in Hong Kong, it will feel like the Kings Road in London.


Kenji De is so similar to me and many of my Ton up friends around the world, that have taken on this style for the passion and of course, the lifestyle, it is hard to explain but this style absorbs you like a sponge and I have made so many friends all around the world with the same interests and one day hope to Meet Kenji and his Rocker buddies and do the Ton in Hong Kong.


Enjoy the video, just wanted to share today.

Have a Great Sunday.


Peace & Grease

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Steve Carpenter

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