The Lahaina Project Charity Motorcycle

Crazy to think that 102 days ago the picturesque Polynesian town of Lahaina was engulfed in flames, a sad day for us all and a very meaningful memory for me as we were there a few months back as Jennifer’s family were from there.  In 1795, Lahaina was conquered by Kamehameha I, and established the town as the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii—even before the unification of the Hawaiian islands. A statute of King Kamehameha. According to Lahaina’s official history, “In 1802, King Kamehameha made Lahaina the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Fires have reportedly damaged the old Banyan tree. In addition, The Baldwin Home Museum in Lahaina, which is the oldest house in Maui, Waiola Church, and numerous other historic structures have been damaged or destroyed in the wildfires. The wildfire killed at least 97 people and destroyed more than 2,000 buildings, most of them homes. Some survivors jumped over a sea wall and sheltered in the waves as hot black smoke blotted out the sun. Officials urged returning residents not to sift through the ashes for fear of raising toxic dust.

This will be a unique bike in that many companies have donated their services to help me create this machine and to then raffle this off, so that we can generate as much as possible to then be able to Donate the entire amount to a reputable Charity in Lahaina itself, as they really need help and seems that these days many of the media and just forgotten about this tragic event and go on to other places for a scoop. Not here, I want to help and I am sure many of you do too?

I have a list here but I will get Jennifer to check out who are the charities that really will make the most use of the donation and will be able to have some traceability as to where the Donation really is going to be used for.

  • Maui Strong Fund. The Maui Strong Fund was created by the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation to help residents affected by the wildfires. …
  • Maui United Way. …
  • Maui Humane Society. …
  • The Maui Food Bank. …

Obviously this is going to take some time but I am going to get the Raffle tickets printed as soon as I come up with a game plan on this Creation as it will be Lahaina Inspired in the paintwork,.

I am using one of my own Motorcycles, this time a 1976 CB750K Honda Four, a great platform to use and somebody is going to get a great machines with many New parts and one off pieces too.

If you can, pass the word and I shall try and set something up on the website where you can purchase raffle tickets, this is a super cool way of giving back to that lovely Island and to the people and somebody will also get a very cool machine that has had a lot of time, money, effort and patience poured into it.

Keep your eyes out for more info……… And Mahalo for checking this out, Please pass on if you possibly can.

Much Aloha




Steve Carpenter

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