A Little run about on the Thruxton this Morning.

Hey there you lot


Well, today is Tuesday, ride your Trumpy day, so I thought I would pop over to my Chrome platers and a few other companies that I frequent for things like Stainless hardware, Gas caps and fuel line etc.


We had Rain yesterday and it was nice and fresh this morning, a great time to ride, as the visibilty was perfect and a nice crisp feel to the skin as I go through the gears and feel my eyes water as my sockets tell me its cold.


I love Southern California and today felt especially good, as I was on my Triumph, people were happy and waving as I thundered by on my trusty steed, I even didnt mind the major orienteering I had to endure, as I manouvered around the Pot holes that had appeared after the down pour we recieved yesterday.


So I thought I would just take a couple of photos as the Mountains looked awesome with a blue sky backdrop and I knew that today would be a fun one as I blapped around to theny of many people stuck in their cages at the traffic lights.



I hope you have a great day like I am having, My Thruxton loves my Polished Monarch Megaphones and my polished Stainless Steel headers, makes the bike Bark and react faster, stay tuned for many new parts and of course apparel that is coming to you by me.


Also being the President of the 59 Club O.C. section I really enjoy all the rides that we do and have many going on this year, if you are interest in joining us just go to www.meetup.com and then in the search engine look for carpys cafe racer meet ups.


I enjoy riding around this great part of California and always somewhere new and inviting to go and check out, I have made many new friends and enjoy the commerarderie amongst the different people where we go.


If you are in the area pop by and say hello, as I meet people from not just around the United States but from all over the globe.


Get on your bike, go ride, enjoy life and the feel of the wind in your face, I ride a lot and it I believe is my own therapy, if I have an issue or problem to resolve and am stuck, I tend to jump on the bike and go for a ride to clear my head, and then return with a full brain of information as to what I need to do to get things completed.

Have a super day and if I can help with anything for your two wheeled machine, just drop me a  line on carpy@carpyscaferacers.com or sling a dime in the slot at 714-996-4597 and I shall endeavor to resolve your enquiry.


Thanks for reading and go have fun on your MotorCycle.




Steve Carpenter

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