TMC MP4/8 Senna Marlboro Tribute Triumph

TMC MP4/8 Senna Marlboro Tribute Triumph by  Tarso Marques Concept 


This is a bike that actually made me stop, not say a word and take a few minutes to digest this awesome Motorcycle.



This is a great bike and I love everything about the build as I am hoping to build a 883 Sporty or 750 Honda in a similar style. although I am not a smoker.






The Formula One style livery and the great Ayerton Senna autograph is a very nice touch and I was stoked to come across this design as I dig F1 stuff.


Formula one was predominantly a European spectator sport in the 1970’s and my first Café I built here was based on the JPS Formula one back in the same era.




I have designed a seat similar to this for my Thruxton and hope to have that available to you lot very soon, still a little bit to do my end though.






I don’t really promote Smoking, but this Livery was in the style of the F1 and Senna was probably The BEST driver in the world, he met his demise racing.






So nice to see a Fresh concept after so many GULF Motorcycle livery’s as they seem to be everywhere and I really do like this set up on the bike.




I love the Open Megaphone that’s short, I have some twin Chrome BSA ones I may use at a later date but bet its pretty loud with no Baffle.


I sure hope to get a wee bit more information on this Trumpy and then I will add the spec onto this Blog for you as I know I will get emails about it.




Right now I am painting my Thruxton but just old School Black and gold right now but may do something cool with the old Tins I take off so stay tuned…



Front end is very much like mine with Gators and a Halogen headlight, but he had cut the Fender right down and surprised that it looks that cool.





Not My choice of tire as Metzlers suck on the roads over here in Southern California and tend to track in the tram lines and then you are all over the place.




Other than the Tires, I love this Machine – The concept is bang on and I stopped everything I was doing when I clapped eyes on this, I sure hope that you like the look of this machine too as I am sure that there will be many Clones of this machine and many other bikes using the same color scheme.

Stay tuned to my Blogs if you like all sorts of Motorcycling and Hot Rod related articles as this is what turns my crank and, by the amount of emails that I receive every day, I think you lot are as nutty as me on the same things of interest.


If you have any cool, Customs shots of your Motorcycle, how about dropping a line or two about your build and why you do what you do, I will be having a Readers Rides Page soon and it will be Interesting to see who has what, as I love it all.



Steve Carpenter

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