New Swing arm now being Drawn up in Solid Works

I have been contemplating getting these manufactured for some time now, a couple of years ago I was speaking to a company that with my input, we should be able to manufacture these to the correct specifics and standards to allow the safe use of Aluminum material and of course as these are mechanical parts I want to make sure these are stress relived and comply to all the safety codes and standards that are required.


They will be made from 7075 and an Aerospace company is going to help me with the R&D to make sure that all will be safe and of course have a Perfect fit with easy maintenance etc. The R&D will be done by a friend of mine that has made swing arms for over 50 years for TT bikes, Super bikes and Motocross, so a plethora of experience, these will be top quality, the best anywhere.


swing_add_5 swing_add_4

This will take a little while for me to get this all how I want it, I have now sent a stock swing arm to a specialist who will be using Solid Works to draw this all up, then once that is done all the Stress relive work and magnafluxing will be determined as these have to be bang on and built by people that know what the Parameters must be for Alloy Swing arms.





I think I will have mine as a polished set rather than just Black but also have the option of Powder coat or anodizing too.



swing_add_1 alloy swing arm

I will have time and money in these but have many people all on waiting lists now so that means people like what I am doing.



swing_add_2 swing_add_8


I have just seen one from over here and its too 80’s looking and no real style, just a chunk of aluminum will not cut it for me.

swing_add_6 swing_add_7


This stuff is what I am into, support a business that loves and breathes this stuff, not some factory that churns stuff out with no ISO or traceability.


British aluminum swingarm



Stay tuned as I will have this done soon and then can take the Deposits to make sure the first 24 are getting theirs.


British aluminum swingarm ---

Drop me a line with your email and phone number if you would like one for your Thruxton Or Bonnie.

British aluminum swingarm ----

I will also be giving Bulk discount and of course 59 members a deal too.

British aluminum swingarm -----



If you want Quality and reassurance, then you have come to the right place.

British aluminum swingarm ----------

Stay Tuned as i will be adding progress reports as and when I get more Photos and feedback on this great New swing arm.

British aluminum swingarm ---------


Thanks for looking and pass the word as I know these will be a winner.



This was us last night and we sure have fun, come by some time and enjoy our company and rides.




Steve Carpenter

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