My Cafe Bike the Rice Boiler up for sale!


Here is my good old Rice Boiler Motorcycle I created up for sale if anyone is interested in her?



 photo _MG_0038_zpsd7a38938.jpg

I built this machine from the ground up and she is a really head turning machine and I am certain that you will like this set up.


 photo _MG_0037_zps72da8401.jpg


Rebuilt engine and Carbs, as well as stainless Allen bolts all the way through this bike with many hours of labor.

 photo _MG_0036_zps905a419f.jpg


Drilled and polished front brake and Original Henry Abe rims makes this a tasty treat.

 photo _MG_0034_zpsaef6233b.jpg


Original Racecrafter early wide finned covers on this machine as I have owned these for many many years and wanted to use them on this bike.

 photo _MG_0032_zps0eae03f8.jpg

Full Stainless steel 4 into 1 exhaust just like the old Yoshimura of the day, made from .049 and sounds awesome.


 photo _MG_0031_zps67170f77.jpg

I rebuilt and drilled and polished the hub as well as new bearings in the rims, new brake rod, actuator and stabilizer too.


 photo _MG_0030_zps247b2412.jpg


Great oil pressure in this motor and I like to add Mechanical Gauges to my machines to show real pressure, rather than Just a light.

 photo _MG_0029_zpsd670d378.jpg


We made the oil filler cap out of solid 6061 T6 Aluminum and then polished it.

 photo _MG_0026_zps320b04aa.jpg

I rebuilt the guage and it looks sharp with the gauge face, i was the First to do this back in 1990.


 photo _MG_0024_zpsfa42e825.jpg


Racecrafters stator cover, a rare gem these days with wode fins.

 photo _MG_0023_zps83620d06.jpg

I used rear sets and of course drilled and polished the sprocket cover.


 photo _MG_0022_zps75f3f3a6.jpg


New chain and sprockets as well as Chromed safety guide and a one off Steel Chainguard makes this machine stand out in the crowd.

 photo _MG_0021_zps6a2bfdc8.jpg


Rebuilt forks and polished as well as rebuilt and polished brake caliper, and steel braided hoses.

 photo _MG_0020_zps6380c9dc.jpg

New wire harness, New coils and a non maintenenace battery makes this a reliable bike.


 photo _MG_0019_zps4df96487.jpg


Rare wide finned starter cover as well as rebuilt Carbs and cool Dragon air box.

 photo _MG_0018_zps36c39f8a.jpg

Tarozzi rear sets really fit this creation well and a good riding position for sure.


 photo _MG_0016_zps332b40a6.jpg

There she is, sat outside our shop.


 photo _MG_0015_zps36391aa8.jpg


We made the Mirrors from con rods.

 photo _MG_0014_zps1d7bfb30.jpg

New levers, new cables and even New Master cylinder adorn the Rice Boiler.


 photo _MG_0013_zps91894f28.jpg

She sits well on a Brand New side stand andhas a cool Boxed swing arm we made and drilled.

 photo _MG_0011_zps7a971c8c.jpg


So many details, but a great bike, New Fender was over $350 alone and of course bridgestone tires front and back.

 photo _MG_0010_zpse2e56f69.jpg

I did the gas tank design as well as the New seatbase of ours, the seat is upholstered in fine Leather and its comfortable.

 photo _MG_0009_zpsef177eb3.jpg


Root Beer Flake grips sit on the Clubman bars and is a nice off set color to adorn the Candy Root Beer brown the bike is painted with.

 photo _MG_0008_zps3640c904.jpg


New fork  gators, clamps and of course Fork ears that are oem really stand out and have out badges too. Also we have Chrome turn signals that we use on many of our bikes and of course we sell all these parts on our webs page.

 photo _MG_0007_zps82354464.jpg

The head light is a cool item i took from a Desoto truck and that is a nice little touch and sits on the cjromed lower tree nicely.

 photo _MG_0006_zps4104d6dc.jpg

An Original 1974 License plate surround really says it all to be honest.

 photo _MG_0004_zps5baa64ed.jpg

Custom shocks hold the arse end up and a 40 LED rear tail light lets people know what you are doing too.

 photo _MG_0003_zps900efa07.jpg

New OEM chrome horn tells people to get out of the way, gas tank has been hammered, smoothed and a stainless steel monza cap of ours fitted and then sealed before painting in many coats of Candy Root Beer Brown paint.
 photo _MG_0001_zps269abd45.jpg


Sat outside our store and it is an eye catcher thats for certain, sitting on 19 inch front and 16 inch rear Henry Abes.

 photo _MG_0041_zps130660b3.jpg

See, plenty of detail and I have a Clear title and in my name too.

 photo _MG_0040_zpsbd4d49ed.jpg


I really enjoyed building this bike as it has so many features.

 photo _MG_0039_zps53749f91.jpg

Lights on and all works fine and ready for someone to cherish now.

 photo _MG_0038_zpsd7a38938.jpg

I even used a Big Block Ford con rod for the exhaust hanger.

 photo _MG_0037_zps72da8401.jpg

Rebuilt engine and even drilled and chromed kickstarter.

So there she is, I will try and add a video a little later.

I actually have it up on Ebay right now too  just cut and paste the link.

And you can find out more by contacting me below!!!!!!




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