The REVOLVER CB750 HONDA Custom Cafe Motorcycle I created and now resides in Australia

Every Motorcycle that I have built from the ground up is always tough to let it go, but- that’s what I do, create and build motorcycles as well as parts etc, this was fun creation that I put together for a Girl out in Australia, she wanted it gold flake and I did my very best to give her a Creation that had all the bells and whistles too.

It took me a while to get this machine to how I wanted it and I really enjoyed completing this project for the customer, using an old rusted out drag bike that I had sitting in the yard for years, it was so nice to recreate something and for the owner to be super stoked about it to.

I put my heart and soul into this build and I still supply these parts to my Customers today, a very cool head turning machine that not only looks great, it has a built motor and of course my Performance 4 into 1 exhaust system on it too.

So much Metalflake was used and Gallons of clear to give it that depth, braided cables throughout and am super proud of this build.

I hope that you like the way the bike sits and of course looks, more tricks than a Magicians coat to be honest and it was a blast to put together for Jess.

Custom Gauges, Display lights and a Ton of other Modifications throughout this bike made this one of my favorite rides of all time it sure was a piece of art.

I have sold hundreds of these 4 into 1 exhaust systems of mine, they sound and perform so well and have that 1970’s superbike reverb when you get on it.

Just thought I would share a fun memory that was so enjoyable to create and it resides on the other side of the Globe.

Here it is in Australia with the Owner, a one off machine that came out the way that she wanted it to look , thanks for having a look today.




Steve Carpenter

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