Mods Vs Rockers 2015 Ride

Well, this weekend I thought I would try out a new – ish ride that is in LA and it was big wheel little wheel but now called mods Vs Rockers.I have no idea why it is named that as there was maybe three Rockers there and I was one of them, None the less a fun ride up in the Canyons and I enjoyed myself.


First off Andy and I rode down to the cafe 50’s restaurant in Santa Monica, what a swell place and I loved it in there, as it exactly the place that I really enjoy.

This place has so many cool original artifacts, they should have tours going through the joint, it was amazing and many years to get all the cool stuff in there.

I was stoked to be able to have my breakfast here and they played original Rockin tunes through the juke boxes on the tables, it was just superb.

If you are into old 50’s places and diners, this is a MUST on your ports of call as it really is a work of art and so nice to see these still around these days.


I wanted it all for my shop, from the Big Jukebox in the main galley to all the original Lobby posters that adorned the walls of this kitschy Diner.

I loved sitting here and was glad to have arrived about 20 minutes earlier than planned as it gave me time to check all the cool stuff out in the restaurant.


And I shall visit again as the service was great and a brilliant atmosphere for those who dont like it.


Billy Joe From San Diego and the New president of the San Diego 59 Club sits astride his Vintage Beemer, and Andy from the O.C. 59 Club cruises with us as we head to the meeting point at Atlantis Motorcycles.


Below is Andre Pine- California president and soon to be starting the L.A. Section, riding his Trumpy and wearing his trusty Davida and Lewis Leathers.







Not much time to take photo’s as my camera was in my jacket but liked this shot I managed to grab as we were waiting in some traffic in Hollywood.


The weather actually rained a little on the way down here for Andy and I but soon started to warm up and I knew it was going to be hot later in the twisties.


Andy pulling into a space as we stop at the meeting point at Atlantis motors, and it was already starting to warm up as the day got along.


A little CB350 some Young Lass turned up was in great condition for an original, all sorts of motorcycles were turning up here at mid day.


I had no idea how many would show up at this event as this was my first time but wanted to  turn up for this function to see what it was all about.


There was a lot of bikes parked up and people were all great to have a chin wag with.


We hang around and checked out the bikes that Atlantis motorcycles had at their new shop and enjoyed the atmosphere with all involved.



Plenty of Machines in and around their shop to look at in may conditions and some I would of loved to take back home too.


From Goldwings to BSA’s, Atlantis Motorcycles has a Plethora of machines to have a good look at and they seem to be a busy place too in a great area.


But chatted to Marc Atkinson as he was leading the way to the camp ground up through Angeles Crest Highway and through the great twisties., Below I am working out the route we are taking for this afternoons ride up the Canyon.

Below: Walking around the Workshop of Atlantis, checking out any goodies they may want to let me have and take home with me!


Plenty of Old Tin to look at and a few of them were for sale too if you fancied a little project to play with on the weekends.


Plenty to look and see and an array of Machines were planted firmly on the ground at the workshop and they had some pretty cool machines there I would of loved to have as my own to be honest.


If you can get down to this neck of the woods, come check them out as I am sure they can help you with what ever you need and open late too.










Skid lid anybody? just a few bits and bobs they had at their shop for you to have a look at.


Andre, Billy Joe and Kirsten from the 59 Club, shoot the breeze on this warm afternoon and get ready soon to jump on our machines and head off.


The three Presidents at one meet up, pretty cool.


A few people as we were riding away starting to follow up behind and there was quite a noise to be heard of different brands of Motorcycles.


Pulled up at the Gas station right off the 210 and before the start of the climb up 3000 feet to the ranch where I would hang out and then make the trek back down, just because, well, I can!


The Scooters turn up and get Petrol in their tanks and get ready to all leave for this ride.


All sorts of bikes were here for the run and I thought  I would take a few snaps whilst I had my camera at the ready to show you lot todays event.


More Mods than Rockers thats for sure, I think they named this run wrong as this is not a Mods and Rockers event at all, just a meet up to be honest.


Ringa- A ding Dinga’s are almost ready to whizz off up the Canyon with Blue smoke behind them.


A neat little set up that My Girlfriend Jennifer would of loved to have owned as this looked to be all original.


Getting ready to fire the bikes up as we leave the gas station and make our way up the winding road to have fun in the Corners.


Time to saddle up and get this bloody show on the road as I was getting Hot as the temperature started to gain on us.


Billy J gets bored going slow, so we hang back a little bit so we can scrape our foot pegs again as the roads get a little technical up there.


Andre Pine giving it his best Elvis Impression and failing miserably as we wait for a few to catch up.


Trumpy at the ready as we get set to take a few more corners at a few more miles per hour than many but- its not a race, we just like to ride Hard!


One Mile from the camp Ground at Newcombs Ranch that is situated in La Canada – Flintridge and a good resting point for sure.


Andre pulls in and looks to be chuffed that he had some good times in the twisties, almost getting taken out by a guy and a Girl on One scooter, but he held the throttle and they didnt get passed again.


Chillin wit Big Scotty, a fun bloke and his laughter is as big as his frame, top guy and really enjoyed his company

A nice break as at the top of the hill the weather was Humid as hell and time to relax for a bit before I headed back down again.


Beemer with a Chair pulling up to have a much needed rest, them things are not the easiest Motorcycles to maneuver on a good day on the flat let alone up a mountain!


Little brat Honda, Bangs along with no worries on the way to the campground and loaded for Bear by the look of it.


Hanging with the 59 Club, thats what its all about, these people are like Family to me and we sure have fun what ever we do.


Getting warmer and was glad I could get a chance to take the leather off for a bit as the humidity was really bad today and felt like a tropical Island.


Fun ride though and I enjoyed getting my Knee down in the bends, sometime not knowing whats beyond, but great views too as you are so far up.


At the top of the hill and just taking a few minutes to look at this area, untouched and so nice to see rather than Concrete jungles.


I am looking forward to the next time I ride up here, we are so spoilt in California for some great roads to ride on still and its good therapy for me too.


Above, Andy on his Thruxton, a newbie at riding but handled it well and glad he enjoyed it as there is nothing like riding a Motorcycle in the Canyons.


I saw Steve Natt at the Bottom of the Hill, he had an oil light issue, just turned out to be a bad connection so all OK.


A great ride on a Saturday with good weather and hardly any traffic up the hill, but bucket loads on the 210 Freeway coming home.

A great fun day and come out with us sometime, i am sure you will love it as we really all get along and enjoy the day.



Steve Carpenter

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