David Silver spares Museum

I have known of this chap for over 40 Years, 4 bloody decades, man that time has flown by, David Silver used to work in a little garage and has built that up to a great business and now, has a superb museum that show cases all the Honda’s.
Not too far from the old Nuclear power station in Sizewell if I remember? In a little place called Leiston, some things dont change and thats great.

We lived about 40 miles from here as we were in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. And I am so glad he has opened a Museum and one of these days I shall visit it as well as see some of my School days pals and catch up.


He now has a superb set up and if you are on the East side on the wet lands, then you must go and take a look at the museum, tell him I said hello.



Steve Carpenter

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