Some video’s for you to view at your leisure- Happy Monday.

Happy Monday- yeah, it soon gets here doesnt it? Well I thought I would ease you into your Monday, by adding some cool old video’s, then at your own time and pace, you can view them and see what you think.
the one below is typical old English styled Home movie type episodes, I remember wheh I used to go to saturday Morning Pictures as a kid, they would show these before the big movie came on, I have to laugh at the music, Motorcycles and a orchestra just dont seem to mesh eh?
So below, enjoy.

Next up, people ask me all the time about the History of the Cafe Racer, to be honest, there are many stories, and i have heard from old fella’s that raced from Cafe to cafe as early as the 1940’s in London but in the 50’s and 1960’s most cafeteria’s or milk Bar’s. all had a juke box, you would select a record, jump on your bike and race against others to see who can get back first and of course, before the record ends.
To even to get back first is some feat, but to beat the record playing, well you must of hit the magic TON (100 MPH ) and that too is some feat back in the day.

Now, a movie that hit the big screen in 1964 was called the leather Boys, here is a bunch of clips from the movie to give you something to watch today, may not be your cup of tea but this was one of the cafe movies to watch if you were into motorcycles back in the day, I must of seen this 100 times.

OK, now to cross the waters from back home in the UK, we shall now buzz over to the land of the rising Sun, and the Cafe Racer scene has been followed for many moon’s and wanted to show this documentary of the cool rides out there in Japan.

We get many emails asking about the motorcycles, the clothing, the apparel, the lifestyle etc, and we try our best to help accomodate every queston, and the reason that I type out blogs is that some of the things I am into, many of you are too. As well as being informative, I believe that the Motorcycle lifestyle that we are into is almost family like, you lot are friends of mine and people that I genuingly believe to be a big part of the motorcycle fraternity of Cafe Racers.
This year I shall try to do a little more and if I get the New Royal Enfield this year, have a few rides for charity etc, I would also like to maybe at some point, build a give away bike and the money used for that can go to a charity, as I like to help where ever I can and promoting the fun of motorcycling is something that I have always held close to my heart.
Being a leo, I am a giver, I will walk the extra mile and I do cross the T’s and dot the I’s when it comes down the completness in things.

Many people I have spoken too, really are having fun with motorcycles, people now have a healthy hobby that creates more froends and a closer relationship with kin, and thats a good thing.
I have also seen a lot of Father and son builds and that really is something that turns my dial,but the cherry on the cake for me is seeing how many Gorls are now riding and even building their very own machines, this is something I have always wanted to see more of and is now coming to fruition.

Japanese bikes, especially Honda, are still affordable and the good thing with these Rising Sun machines is that the Honda Motor compant envisioned servicing for many moons, so made more parts for every model, I mean how about this, you can still buy points, cam chains, pistons gaskets etc for a 40 year old motorcycle. Something that still amazes me to this day but is such a great feel of releif when I hear them say ” yes, we have that in stock”!

I am now going to try and make more exhaust systems for all rides and I now will be selling 4 into 1 for sohc, dohc and now the CB400-4 and Cb350-4, so keep checking our website for the parts pages as we try and add all the time.

Other things is that I hope to offer more helmets to people, some will be one offs that I paint and I am sure that you will enjoy tthe style etc.
I am also offering more tee shirts as i have a brand new design coming out that needed to be done.
Here at Carpys Cafe Racers, I hope to make more seats, some different handlebars, more head lights and even going to start my own artwork again, as i like to still draw from time to time.

Hopefully I can make some shows over 2014 and want to come down to Florida to see Jason and the boys at Dime City etc as we have all become good mates in this fun adventure of motorcycle design and creativity.

The shop will have a few more changes too, as I am trying to make it more workable for me and some other cool things in the planning as I hope to build or buy a 1929 Ford roadster as i had one before but had to sell it when all my mates moved out to go their seperate ways and I love Hot rods, the whole Nostalgia thing is what I and many are all about.

We have also just bought a New Miller tig welder and that means I can start to design a few more parts and get some cool things flowing from my brain to the table, the designing is what I love and hope to continue with.
I want to make it to more shows and get to meet more customers as I speak or email so many, it is nice to put the face to the name, and I really look forward to that this year. If any of you are or will be coming to California, how about dropping by to say hello? We are always pleased to meet you and hear how your builds are going, as we get people pop in from all over the globe as we are quite close to Disneyland.

I shall be treating my Alloy Bike to a New set of our 4 into 2 exhaust systems and I think my ones will be Stainless steel to match all the shiney stuff on that Classic Cafe Racer Motorcycle and then take some video of me riding the bike so you can hear and see how the bike is no matter where you are around the globe.

Royal Enfield “Ace Cafe to Madras Cafe” from Paul Minor on Vimeo.



Steve Carpenter