OK, people ask me what helmets do I like, there are many I do like and am a distributor for, but the Torc helmet is great value for money and looks like an expensive helmet that stands out in the crowd, and especially when it is the Route 66 Series T-50 models that have more flake than a East coast City in Winter.

Take a good look at this RED SUPER FLAKE MODEL, this is a size LARGE and boy does it look sharp. And if you have 80 Bones in your pocket, well, what a great deal to purchase something that looks like a more expensive unit out there.

The quilted Suede Diamond stitched lining is not just comfortable, but is removable, and that’s an awesome feature to have with a skid lid as we all sweat through our noggins.

So, if you have a size Large melon, then this is for you, with its Deep Candy Ruby Red Flake paint, this will get you noticed and boy is it affordable though us.



Just have a look and see if this is for you, as we shall have other sizes in and colors, as well as more models too.




We want to try and make these as cost effective for you as possible, sure we want to make money but if i can keep these as cheap as possible you will come back on occasion when you need stuff as well as tell your friends about us.


So take your time and if you need any help, just drop us a dime at 714-996-4597 or you can always sling us an email at where we are more than willing to reply and give you as much help and advise as we can.



Thanks for looking on here, check our other pages as we shall be adding every day, it takes me time but I think you will like what we have to offer here.


Peace and Grease as Always.






Steve Carpenter