THE G.C.R. comes to visit its birth place today.


Well, this morning was a good one as I heard the rumble of one of my exhausts, you get kind of tuned in to that resonating sound, and sure enough, it was indeed one of my exhaust systems, but also what made it even more pleasurable was that is was the Cafe bike I had created named the G.C.R. .


I built this bike a few years ago now and it is always great to see some of my bikes still blasting around the place at full tilt, and the customer is still as happy as the day he first got the machine.

The bike is looking well and he has done almost 20K on it already so many miles of smiles that’s for sure.

I thought I would add a few photos to show you that she still looks like a cracking good ride and sits very well and sounds as tough as she always did.

So, a pleasant surprise for this Monday and made my afternoon blast by a lot faster.

Just thought I would share a little bit of what sometimes goes on or comes by the shop, as people tend to ask me what I have been up to lately.

I loved building this machine and it handled well if I recall and it still looks as solid as it left the shop.

I hope to see it around in a another couple of years as that’s a mighty fine machine he has and he loves every minute of riding it.


Until next time Gerard, enjoy and have a blast on the god old G.C.R. it was great seeing ya.




Steve Carpenter