Working from home during this time?

Well, the world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks and, for the worse- But, we are all keeping our hands clean and away from our face etc and Social Distancing is the new Norm.

Now, I have been quite buy as home at my shop inside the garage as many people are restricted to their home quarter’s, and to try and alleviate any frustrations and of course anxiety, people are trying to work on their projects or hobbies- And in our fraternity, that means working or creating a motorcycle that they were hoping to get to at some point but were busy with life in  general etc.

I like to build bikes at home, less stress and close to the kettle for my favorite brew etc and I am sure it is the same for you lot as well?

There is something satisfying when you create your own machine, even just adding some Custom parts to individualize your motorcycle, and I receive many emails complementing me on the parts and service that I give via my website or over the phone etc, I really enjoy taking something that is old and tarnished and revamp it into to something cool and unique in many ways.

I try and do everything my self, but on things like the chain Guard etc above, I make the first one and then make a fixture and take it to a steel bending company to press out more, as if I didnt do that, I would be making chain guards all month, and that can burn the candle down real fast, but, as these times right now are tough, many supply shops are closing temporary and this holds my orders going out a little, but- if you lot can be patient like I am sure you will, as soon as I receive my materials, I can finish orders I dont have and ship right out.


Wishing everybody a healthy weekend and if I can hep you at all you can email me at call me on 714-598-8392 and even text me on the same number.

Thanks for reading.





Steve Carpenter

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