We get bikes in to work on quite a lot and we have a Cm450 that I have worked on before, but this time he wanted a new battery and some electrical done.

This bike was built by a good friend of mine that recently passed away, so it was kind of a happy and sad time all at once.

The bike is a little 1984 CM450 and is a great little Cafe Racer machine, the small gas tank look really cool, but you pay the price for coolness, as there is not much gas inside to go too far, but in contradiction, the chap has just ridden back from Baja on it.

This really is a fun and compact machine that will give you hours of fun that’s for sure.

Steel gas tank and a steel seat pan with nicely made side covers, give this machine a sleeker look and even though its small in stature- it has heaps of power for the little 450 frame.

Yeah- It still needs work, but that is the fun about building your own machine and if you don’t have the time, or the budget, this progressive build is a fun time all the way along the build, as sometimes this may be your only mode of transportation and cannot have the bike down for long.


 Another Customer and happy on on his way for some fun in the Sun!



Steve Carpenter