Well, here we are again and this time, I thought it would be good to add some good old vintage pics from the internet that show classic iron that have had better days.

Plenty to see and thought that this may entertain you for a few minutes at least, as some are Hot Rods, some are just general classic rides that have come to their own misfortune.

You never get to see these vehicles much these days so interesting to look at the cars, and the backgrounds as the buildings, roads and whole lifestyle was different than from today.

This will take some time today as i have to of course work and get other things done, but when I get time, I will add a few more photo’s for you to have a look at and should turn into a nice long blog of unreal photo’s.

What some of us would give for these vehicles, even in this condition, but as we cannot, I guess just scrolling o down the page will at least get you to see some of the unsual photo’s that didn’t make the newspapers in your area.



I think the Sedan below asked the Carpenter, ” Hey what time tomorrow?”

The Carpenter said. ” Just drop it by the shop in the morning!”.


Below I believe is the Anchorage Earthquake?

Dream ride, 2 door Mercury, stoved right in.

” I needed a light down here, I think Joe was thinking a little ahead of everyone else?

” I figured this was the easiest way to change a flat tire”.

You never know what you may catch in that river.


” See, I told you I could park it in there”






ERGH! There is snot on the windshield.

































I for sure had fun trying to find some of these and keep looking at them when I can .


But look at this, How the hell did you get that jammed in there?





Steve Carpenter