Moto Guzzi Service today

I get all sorts of machines in from time to time that need a service or other little jobs, I like these as it changes the day and keeps you updated on other machines. it is always nice to sample opther Motorcycles and these Moto guzzis are gracious machines that have a ton of History, unless you have ridden one of these, V twin opposed motors have their own transfer when you down shift and will feel strange at first as you feel the torque of the motor go from right to left as you accelerate and decelerate.

Today was the turn of the Italian steed, this 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 needed new tires and the fluids changed and I got right into it, seeing as it was a fantastic day here in La Miirada.

Fun thing is, the service manual is all in Italian, so after a little research from everything to Moto Guzzi website, you tube and forums, I had enough information to get this done in a timely fashion too.

Similar to an automobile set up, nothing easy on this, to drain the gearbox, you have to make a paper funnel shoot, else the oil will just pour out under the bike and over the frame, so I made a funnel and all was well. Albeit a little fiddly, but after a while, gravity helped me out.

Then there is no sight glass, you check the level from the side bolt and as soon as oil starts to seep out, then thats the level. Same goes for the drive shaft too, very antiquated but does the job and  this is now all buttoned up and ready for a test run. These are fun machines, and have Linear power, a great center of gravity and smooth transition in gear shifting.




Steve Carpenter

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