Some safety videos that now make me laugh.

As a kid I was a little bit of a tear away on anything with 2 wheels, yeah- I did all the safety courses but sometimes, life’s experience on the tarmac, is the only way to really learn, I remember these Safety Video’s on the telly and some Motorcycle events and still laugh at them today, I just wanted to let you into the things that I grew up with and hope that it brings a smile to your face today as we start another week.


This short piece of footage is the first couple of minutes of a film released as a B movie in British cinemas in 1977 and is taken from an original 1977 copy of the complete movie I have on Super 8mm cine film. The total length of the film is only about 15-20 minutes long and covers all aspects of the motorcycle scene in Britain at that time.

Another safety video

This is a Classic one from the 1960’s, enjoy:

This commercial below is one that I will always remember.

Another Classic commercial.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed some of these.



Steve Carpenter

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